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‘Virgin Active enlists Eclair Chuapak and Erk Chrrissa to encourage healthy living with the #MakeLifeYourPleasure campaign

When thinking of fitness, people often think of a place for building dream bodies, filled with bodybuilders and tight six-pack abs. However, at Virgin Active, health is not limited to exercising, but rather a comprehensive wellness approach that covers both physical and mental wellbeing. Virgin Active defines this approach as ‘holistic wellness which consists of three main components, namely: 1) Exercise, 2) Community, and 3) Recovery. Therefore, Virgin Active is not just a fitness club for exercising, but a Global Wellness Brand that inspires active life to everyone, every gender, and every age. This is because Virgin Active believes that everyone is inclusive, no matter what your fitness level is, you can stay healthy while enjoying yourself in the club.


Virgin Active, the world’s leading wellness club, is committed to helping everyone achieve a healthy lifestyle, for a balanced and enhanced quality of life. This can be achieved with exercises that are both fun and beneficial, under the concept of Make Life Your Pleasure. Thus, Virgin Active aims to inspire a community of active lifestyles and good holistic health and also to invite everyone to spend wellness time in the club so that they can reward life and enjoy other hobbies outside to the fullest.

In addition, to spread positivity, Virgin Active also joined forces with Éclair from popular page ‘Chuapak’ and Erk Chrrissa, singer of the hit song ‘B Blood Type’. These internet personalities are chosen to represent a fun-loving persona that enjoys life without limitations, proving that everyone can have a good health. In addition to promoting good health, Virgin Active also places great importance on the concept of having a gym buddy that makes exercising at Virgin Active even more fun. Both Éclair Chuapak and Erk Chrrissa are the perfect candidates to convey a fun and fulfilling friendship that can work towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle together.

Time spent here rewards life out there 

Virgin Active aims to provide a comprehensive health experience for all club-goers. This includes exercise classes, professional fitness trainers and modern technology, along with a community of other health lovers complete with facilities for post-exercise recovery to promote good health both physically and mentally.

For more information, visit all Virgin Active clubs and online via www.virginactive.co.th, Facebook @VirginActiveThailand, Instagram @VirginActiveThailand, TikTok @VirginActiveTH, LINE @virginactiveth.

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