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Virgin Active invites everyone to sunset yoga class

Most people may think of yoga as an exercise that focuses solely on flexibility of the body and some people may think yoga is an exercise that is boring and slow. 

In actuality, yoga can strengthen the body both internally and externally. In addition, there are also many types of yoga that are suitable for different needs and physical conditions. It also depends on the inner element and the mental state of the person at the time of the practice.

Virgin Active, the world’s leading health club, introduces three types of yoga to elevate the exercising experience under the concept “Find your inner strength”, with the emphasis on the importance of inner strength which is the main source of fuel in our lives. Thus, building inner strength is a crucial practice for everyone. Virgin Active is committed to take part in helping people build inner strength by offering an exercise experience that combines meditation and exercise in the form of a special yoga class amidst the Bangkok sunset.

Mark Seeto, Global Head of Yoga & Reformer Pilates, Virgin Active, stated “I think yoga is such a beautiful practice to help people come together with themselves, it is a union of self and an understanding of self.  Once people start their journey, they quickly come to the realization that it is not a stretch class. It is not about how flexible you can be or making perfect physical shapes and that yoga is a life practice and it can touch so many different parts of not just health and wellbeing but the way we relate to different people, the way that we see the wider world and especially the way that we see ourselves. For most people that is probably the greatest discovery with yoga. That this practice can help them get a better sense of themselves.

Yoga classes at Virgin Active are divided into three types, namely, Yoga Align, Yoga Calm and Yoga Flow which are suitable for those who are looking to achieve a specific goal through yoga. Whereby, each type of yoga

has a different approach to training that yields different results. In this occasion, Virgin Active brought on board, Yoga Rockstar, Kru Aung Gamonchnok Chuangvichien who is an expert yoga teacher, to demonstrate the three types of yoga practice. Thus, to create the best understanding and experiences for the students in addition to building strength and joy from practicing unique styles of yoga, unlike anywhere else.

Yoga Align is a basic yoga class that covers both beginner and advanced levels which includes standing and sitting positions that pulls the focus onto the center. This type of yoga is suitable for people whose minds are in a state of chaos and want to create balance in their lives. The practice uses asanas and breathing exercises to create concentration as well as focusing the body heat to balance the fire and water elements. Thus, the Yoga Align class will help relieve your body and stabilizes your mind.

Another class that will help you feel refreshed physically, mentally, and spiritually is the Yoga Calm class. This class focuses on the mobility and flexibility of the joints and various tissues including the muscles. Yoga Calm focuses on stretching the body and connecting it to the earth element within so that you can discover stillness and tranquility which are the main elements of this type of practice. This class can also mimic the benefits of meditation by increasing self-awareness, enhancing happiness, and reducing stress.

In addition to the obvious benefits to the body, it is also evident that yoga is very beneficial for the mind, “Personally I was suffering from panic attacks. Hence, my doctor recommended that I practice yoga and become a yoga practitioner. Back then I was teaching more than I was practicing, therefore, over time, my breathing was becoming increasingly short. However, when I started practicing yoga again and practicing longer breathes, my panic symptoms were improving. Before I thought the benefits of yoga are only physical, but now I truly understand that it can also benefit our breathing and our mind as well” Yoga Rockstar Kru Aung Gamonchnok Chuangvichien stated.

The final class is the Yoga Flow class. This type of class can help enhance feelings of liveliness as well as getting in touch with one’s inner strength and power. This is because the class involves continuous and fast-paced movements which are accompanied by rhythmic music. The Yoga Flow class helps stimulate breathing and the development of muscles by integrating the element of wind into the body to increase the mobility of the joints and other parts of the body. This, in turn, will help facilitate the flow of energy throughout every part of the body from head to toe, while simultaneously clearing the mind as well.

“We often say that the yoga mat is the microcosm of your macro world. The way that you do anything on the yoga mat is likely the way you do things in your life. If your pose gets really difficult and you just give up, then I would be looking at your life and think if things get difficult at work, do I just give up? Am I the type of person that just gives up? So, yoga is just the training ground for life, you can practice resilience, you can practice doing hard things on the yoga matt, you can also practice surrender and letting go.” Mark Seeto added.

For those who are interested in trying out a unique yoga experience, visit all branches of Virgin Active clubs. For sunset yoga, this special class is available at Virgin Active 101 True Digital Park only.  Keep in touch with us via online channels at www.virginactive.co.th, @VirginActiveThailand Facebook, Instagram @VirginActiveThailand and Line @virginactiveth.

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