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Virgin Active invites little ones to come exercise this term break at The Playground

If you’re a parent looking for fun-filled activities for your mischievous little ones to enjoy on the weekend or this term break; the 11-week Kid’s Programs by Virgin Active may just be the solution you are looking for.

Turn those boring days off into amusingly active ones with specially designed sports activities to help foster your child’s developmental growth through various movements both on The Playground and in the pool. All courses are tested and assessed for the best performance and top-notch service. More importantly, all staffs are well trained and fully equipped to properly interact and deal with children. Therefore, parents can rest assured that their children will gain valuable learning experiences from real practices and are able to bring out their best potential. These skillsets will definitely come in handy, because not only can they help develop planning skills, but they can also help build self-confidence for the children as well. 

Virgin Active Kids are active kids…for life! 

At Virgin Active, we want to keep children active to create a better, brighter life for them. The Playground is a semi-outdoor sport facilities that will serve as a safe space that gives children the opportunity to bring out their potential and unleash their inner power to the fullest within a friendly environment. The Playground will also allow children to develop their creativity and skills, which will help them to thrive alongside others in the society outside of school. Added, with a flexible schedule, parents can decide to enroll their children either on weekends or even during semester break. Parents can also arrange and curate schedules in accordance with the interests of their children, from a list of fun and engaging activities below.

Ninja Kids

Turn your beloved little ones into mini ninjas, through acquiring various acrobatic skills from running, jumping, kicking, hitting, picking-throwing things as well as masterfully dodging obstacles along the way. The Ninja Kids program is a basic course that will build a solid foundation for your child to pick up other sports or games. In addition to practicing different movements and developing concentration, this program will also help your children to enhance their communication skills and interactions with their peers.

Obstacle Course Racing Program

Forget playing on their smartphones or other electronic gadgets because the Obstacle Course Racing Program will help your mischievous little ones unleash their extreme powers to the fullest! This course is designed to enhance agility and movement, suitable for children of all genders and ages to create a solid foundation for more advanced sports skills in the future. Virgin Active designed certain obstacles to be particularly challenging. However, parents can rest assured that their children will face all these challenges under top-notch safety regulations.

Sport Specific Programs

When children know what they like and are good at, parents often feel the need to lead them to reach their dreams by helping to enhance their talents and maximize their potential. This is why Virgin Active curated these special programs for children to choose activities according to their preferences or aptitudes. These programs include basketball and football trained by international coaches. Virgin Active believes that giving children options will allow them to decide whether to continue playing that sport in the future or not. If the answer is ‘Yes’, Virgin Active’s team of experts are on hand to help nurture the skills they need, adding new techniques and repetitions to practice until they become proficient. More than that, having your kids practice with clear goals over 11 weeks can help them feel proud of their growth and accomplishments.

Learn to Swim

In addition to sports games on The Playground, the Kid’s Programs’ water activities are another option that active little ones should not miss. Virgin Active’s unique course is adapted from the New Zealand swimming course, where children can learn how to swim properly in a friendly environment. All the swimming pools and equipment are inspected for standards and sanitation. While all teachers and specialist teams have been trained through the AUSTSWIM Teaching Qualifications course, which is a leading institute in the world, with expertise in first aid Under the international standard operating policy. Thus, all staff members consider the safety of students as their highest priority. Moreover, these swimming lessons are suitable for children of all genders and ages and include various skill-building games that will not only teach them to stay safe in the water, but also for survival and basic assistive skills as well. Therefore, parents can be confident that their children will receive physical skills training that comes with fun and safe supervision throughout the course, complete with amenities such as shower-changing rooms, lounge, and free WiFi for everyone.

 It’s time to awaken your children’s potential

In the end, nothing can fill a parent’s heart more than your children’s joy and laughter. Virgin Active is committed to fostering consistent growth, as well as to creating positive attitudes and healthy bodies for your children through Virgin Active’s Kid’s Programs. Start on a fulfilling journey that will make your children smile wider, laugh louder and be happier through good physical and mental health today!

For those interested in the Kid’s Programs to help build skills and strong bodies for your little ones, come in and try out various activities for free from today. Register for a free trial at https://bit.ly/3DK31z2

For more information, visit all branches of Virgin Active clubs or via online channels at www.virginactive.co.th,  @VirginActiveThailand Facebook, Instagram @VirginActiveThailand and Line @virginactiveth.


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