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Virgin Active strengthens everyone’s heath with special promotions until year end

A good health and a strong body is one of the main priorities for fitness lovers. Not only does exercise improve mental and physical health, but it also increases one’s fitness level to keep the body strong and durable, resulting in enhanced mood and concentration.

Virgin Active, the world’s leading health club understands the unique fitness needs, that is specific to each person. In September, the club has launched its special “Seize Today, Save Tomorrow” campaign to satisfy every fitness goal. With every class and services offered by Virgin Active, whether Grid Training, Pilates Reformer, Yoga, Cycling, Boxing, or individual exercises on treadmills, cardio training, personal training, swimming, or even the sauna room; gym-goers can expect an enhanced and comprehensive experience that will satisfy all their fitness needs and goals.

Under the “Seize Today, Save Tomorrow” campaign this September, Virgin Active invites everyone to join the Grid Training class that focuses on maximizing strength and endurance. Grid training is a 45-minute group exercise class that aims to stimulate sweat, raise the heartbeat, and tighten the muscles, while creating a sense of community, fun and teamwork.

The Grid Training class at Virgin Active is a high intensity workout class with emphasis on strengthening the muscles, increasing durability, enhancing agility, and centering the body and mind with each base. The class also utilizes equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, exercise balls, exercise ropes and many more to help stimulate strength in various areas of the body.  The exercise pattern within the Grid Training class changes according to the theme each time. This is to diversify the routine and create new challenges for participants, as well as helping to strengthen the body, increasing muscle endurance, and stimulating the mind to always stay alert and full of energy. More than that, Grid Training also provides a space where everyone can meet, chat, and enjoy the class, while sharing a common goal in mind.

Christian Mason, Country Director of Virgin Active Thailand said, “Grid Training at Virgin Active is designed to enhance strength for every part of your body, that caters to every kind of fit that you are looking for. The class can also help increase stamina, core muscles strength, cardio-endurance boost, while creating a sense of unity to keep you alert and stay focused with each challenging movement. As a Grid Training coach, I would like to invite everyone to try this class at least once, and hopefully it can inspire you to get up, move, sweat, smile, and have fun together.”

Furthermore, to support the on-going mission for good physical and mental health, Virgin Active is offering a special promotion under the “Seize Today, Save Tomorrow” campaign, where new members will receive a 50% discount for their annual membership fee until the end of 2022, only when applying by this September.

Exclusively, Virgin Active members can also enter the IAF – Invite A Friend program that offers the opportunity for members to invite friends and loved ones to try one free workout trial at any Virgin Active Clubs to inspire and foster a sustainable community of fitness enthusiasts.

For those who are interested in workout classes for every kind of fit, visit all branches of Virgin Active clubs or via online channels at www.virginactive.co.th, @VirginActiveThailand Facebook, Instagram @VirginActiveThailand and Line @virginactiveth.

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