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Virtual Meetings Aren’t Enough: Companies Are Losing Engagement

Companies fortunate enough to remain in business in these troubled times are just now beginning to see a big problem with virtual meetings — they’re just not all that engaging. Reality has set in, the honeymoon is over. What began optimistically as a means to keep us connected is becoming a daily reminder of just how distanced we are. Andy Sharpe, native Australian and CEO of SongDivision, the global pioneer of interactive musical experiences for corporate teams, believes the issue comes down to employee perception.

“Employees are stressed about everything from the global pandemic, to financial hardship, to homeschooling their children. Logging into a virtual meeting was novel at first, but real world pressures are taking their toll, and while virtual meetings can replace daily business conversations, they struggle to create meaningful engagement — the kind we get when we’re absorbed in a physical environment, and more removed from daily stresses.”

According to Sharpe, generating true engagement comes down to stimulating the senses and creating an absorbing ​ environment. SongDivision accomplishes this through musical experiences such as collaborative songwriting with corporate teams.

“When experienced with others, music is proven to heighten positive emotions and strengthen social bonds. Because much of this experience depends on sound and sight, these same benefits translate seamlessly into the virtual space,” says Sharpe.

SongDivision’s musicians add another layer of intrigue to these environments as all are renowned rock stars who perform regularly with artists like Cher, Drake, Katy Perry and more. For SongDivision, it’s a proven formula that’s already helping companies like Salesforce and GSK get through these tough times by boosting employee morale and generating meaningful engagement.

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