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VIVIN Grocery Launches Annual January Sales in 2023 with Huge Savings on Groceries In-Store and Online!

What better way to settle back after the holidays than with post-New Year’s mega savings?

VIVIN Grocery goes on sale for the whole month of January for the launch of their annual “JANUARY SALE! Big savings in-store and online!”

Get your artisanal Thai, organic, and natural essentials and save on; Thai-Charolais Beef, Artisanal Sourdough Baguette, Organic Spices, a Selection of Certified Organic Vegetables, Free Range Eggs, Organic Herbal Teas, and even Thai Artisanal Cheeses, and much more

There are over 40 items from each grocery category on sale, starting from a 10% to 50% discount such as; Artisanal Baguettes at a 15% discount, Organic Vinegar 20% discount, Free Range Eggs 15% discount, a selection of Thai artisanal cheeses 10% discount, Organic Spices 30% discount, Thai Charolais Beef Flank Steak 15% discount, selection of Organic Vegetables 20% discount, Fleur de sel 50% discount and much much more.

They’ve even discounted their best-selling Jambon-Fromage Sandwich for the month of January.

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