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VIVIN Introduces a New Range of CROQUE VIVIN Sandwiches & Lunch Sets for All Day Delivery at VIVINGrocery.com.

VIVIN Grocery launches new CROQUE VIVIN artisanal sandwich range in unison with their ALL DAY LUNCH SET deals, which are perfect for takeaway and delivery.

VIVIN Grocery first stand-alone grocery store opened in November 2019, but soon after, experienced Bangkok’s first COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020. VIVIN Grocery then thought to diversify by creating a delivery-friendly range of delicious baguette sandwiches highlighting natural, organic, artisanal, local Thai ingredients sourced directly from their grocery store. The sandwiches were a hit with discerning foodies, simple and incredibly tasty. After businesses reopened but to continual hardship, the grocery team looked to another revenue stream for those who wanted to experience the VIVIN brand of groceries but into restaurant meals. In September 2020 VIVIN Grocery adapted their boutique grocery store to accommodate a bistro or “grocerant ” (restaurant in grocery), offering a menu of Certified Organic Salads, Thai Charolais Beef Steaks and Fluffy Free-range Egg Omelettes which became a local instagram sensation. It wasn’t long after that restaurants would have to close again due to another COVID-19 surge and those restaurant dishes were created into an easy deliverable format.

Now Bangkok experiences it’s third wave and lockdown restrictions this July 2021, VIVIN Grocery have now developed a range of a classic and comforting French-European meal. Not only incredibly scrumptious, these meals are designed to be convenient to receive and easy to devour by delivery format.  The dish we are talking about is the ubiquitous French dish, the “ Croque Madame “, croque meaning “bite” in French, and trust us, that is what you will want to do the minute you receive one! The sandwich is typically made up from simple ingredients commonly found in the French home or bistro: bread, cheese, egg and ham and toasted or fried to get that crust for that amazing “croque”.

There are 3 varieties of CROQUE VIVIN to choose from: The Croque Madam Classic (we dropped the French “e” in order to reflect VIVIN Grocery’s Thai-grown version), Croque Italian Black Truffle and Croque Organic Veggies (Vegan). All Croques come with organic green salad dressed with vinaigrette, and a ring of toasted bread.

True to the VIVIN Grocery tradition, all main ingredients are made up from the same organic, natural, local Thai (except French Butter and Italian Truffle) and artisanal products available in their grocery store. The Croque Madam Classic ( 280 THB Net) consists of slices of local, artisanal sourdough square bread filled with Thai “Paris ham” and Huay Bong cheese from Chiang Mai, topped with a slowly fried free-range local egg. The Croque Italian Black Truffle ( 340 THB Net) consists of the same except it’s topped off with slivers of Italian black truffle pieces and authentic truffle oil.

The Vegan option could arguably be the tastiest, replacing all meat and dairy protein with smokey pan-fried strips of certified organic seasonal vegetables such as eggplant and carrot. The Croque Organic Veggies (Vegan) ( 280 THB Net ) sandwich is filled with Barefood Bangkok’s vegan cashew nut cheese, seasoned with fresh organic Thyme, and topped with crispy pesto crouton bits. You can even choose to ramp it up with Truffle for an extra + 60THB Net.

The new range of CROQUE VIVIN are only available by direct order at VIVINGrocery.com  

Takeaway or delivery: 7am – 8pm, last order 7:45pm. 

“ The title Croque Monsieur comes from “croquer”, to bite and “monsieur” meaning mister. It’s literally a gentleman’s sandwich. It first appeared in literature in a work by Proust, In Search of Lost Time in 1918, but it had featured on menus in Paris as early as 1910. (source – https://theculturetrip.com/europe/france/articles/a-brief-history-of-the-croque-monsieur-frances-cheese-toastie/) “

VIVIN Grocery LUNCH SET for All Day Takeaway & Delivery 

VIVIN Grocery also took the opportunity to introduce the CROQUE VIVIN range as part of their New Lunch Sets deals which are available for all day delivery. Customers can choose from the following  sets;


Croissant Jambon-fromage + Organic Green Salad + Hot Coffee** ( 340 THB Net)


*Choice of Croque + Organic Green Salad + Soft Drink* or Hot Coffee** (340 THB Net)

  • Italian Black Truffle + 60 THB


*Choice of Sandwich 20cm + Organic Green Salad or Hot Coffee** (340 THB Net)

  • Steak Tzatziki or Mortadella sandwich + 40 THB


Choice of 21 days wet aged Charolais-Thai Beef steak cut + Organic Green Salad + 1 side + 1 sauce + Soft Drink* or Hot Coffee** (590 THB Net)

*Drink; choice of mineral water, organic lemon soda or Organic Aloe Vera Drink 

**Coffee: Expresso or long black (pay the difference if iced or with milk) 

Only available by direct order at VIVINGrocery.com

Takeaway or delivery: 7am – 8pm, last order 7:45pm.   

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