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Volvo Car Thailand collaborates with its retail partners and the Mirror Foundation to run a CSR campaign to support and provide the best education

Throughout the years Volvo has been committed to creating a better society through partnerships, organizations, and communities to organize activities to promote the safety, education, and sustainable development of the people of Thailand. Volvo’s philosophy of “Putting people first” is brought to life through innovation that creates a good quality of life. Plus, the brand is dedicated to taking care of the environment through the creation of industry-leading smart cars that are not only eco-friendly but also deliver Volvo’s globally renowned levels of safety and design to enhance the lifestyles of owners.

Putting people first is the embodiment of the Swedish spirit and it is a belief that is one of the key fundamental foundations of the Volvo brand, one where all life is equally important. This socially responsible approach is evident in every car Volvo makes, it can be seen in the innovation and technology, the uncompromised safety standards, and the exemplary customer service.

Mr. Chris Wailes, Managing Director Volvo Car (Thailand) Co., Limited said, “Volvo has always endeavoured to support people and help them live a comfortable and sustainable life through social activities. Since the successful launch of the ‘Road Safety Campaign’ to reduce road accidents and increase the wellbeing of pedestrians at Wat Ko School in Rayong Province last year we are continuing to organize more social contribution activities. Today, Volvo launched a campaign to promote education through media learning for young people. To implement this project, we’ve partnered with our retail partners, the Mirror Foundation, and the local community, to organize ‘Volvo – We Share Your Smile Campaign’ for students at Baan Nontaten School, Nakhon Ratchasima through supporting the following activities;

  • Computers and equipment for a computer room
  • Library renovation with new books and equipment
  • First aid room renovation with a medical cabinet, and the renovation of the classroom’s floor and the ceiling of the teacher’s room
  • Stair and fence maintenance, plus latches, desk, and chair repairs
  • Cement base and roof construction for the activity court beside the school

Volvo also provides other course accessories such as sports equipment, bicycles, and water filters to the community. “Learning is not just about books and computers, learning about how to stay healthy is also important”, Mr. Chris added.

Mr. Chris continued, “We are very pleased to be able to support Baan Nontaten School and the local community, together with our friends at the Mirror Foundation. Children are our future, and to provide them with the best possible start in life, together with education, is so important for the future of the Kingdom. We hope that with these new computers, the children can learn both IT skills as well as language skills, which will help them in their lives as technology will be an integral part of their futures. Another area that is close to our hearts is the learning environment itself, you need to create a place where children want to be and where they feel safe and are provided with the best educational opportunities available. That is why Volvo, together with our partners, is making the most of our time here today to clean, tidy, set up the computers, repair older furniture, and install new furniture so that students can start a new beginning tomorrow. It is our goal to continue giving back to society and local communities and show our support for the people of Thailand today and into the future.”

Children are one of the most important resources for future economic growth; they are our future.

So it is important that they have access to the necessary technology and equipment to help them on their educational journey. However, not all children have the same opportunities and are at a disadvantage due to a lack of technology devices, their financial status, or living conditions. So, Volvo wants to be a part of helping children gain access to these resources and learning environments so as they are given the right start to a better and more fulfilling life.

Volvo is shaping the way we invest in the communities where we live and work in order to bring warmth and love to poor children despite their difficult circumstances. Giving back to the community is truly in the company DNA, putting people first always has been and always will be the Volvo way.

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