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Volvo launches plans to raise service center standards complete body repair and paint “Volvo Certified Damage Repair Centre”

Volvo, a premium Swedish car brand Never stop development to enhance the driving experience of customers around the world. Launched “Volvo Certified Damage Repair Center (VCDR)” standard body and paint repair service. Give peace of mind with body repair and paint services On international standards from Volvo service centers So that you can get the car after repair Has excellent performance like the first day from the factory And it can drive Volvo cars with the highest quality and safety standards for a truly lifelong lifespan. In addition, the VCDR Standard Service Center operates on a strict sustainability concept in accordance with Volvo’s environmental philosophy always.

Mr. Chris Wailes, Managing Director of Volvo Car (Thailand) Ltd. said, “With a philosophy that sets the customer experience at the center of our work (Customer Experience is The Core of Everything We Do), Volvo is committed to improving every aspect of its operations to deliver the perfect driving experience for our customers. Which in addition to offering premium grade automotive products to the global automotive market. We also focus on raising the standards of body and paint repair centers. Come continually Because accidents can happen at any time and we realize that Body and paint repair services must be of a high standard, just like our car mileage repairs. This year, Volvo has developed a Volvo Certified Damage Repair Center (VCDR) program to provide vehicles that have undergone body and paint repairs from the VCDR standard service centers that meet complete and functional standards as if they had just retired. From the factory on the first day It gives more peace of mind to all customers with the standard of after-sales vehicle care. Without the worry of 100% car care throughout the lifespan.”

Sustainability – One of the essence of the VCDR standard service center.

Sustainability, which Volvo has always prioritized. Are integrated into the VCDR standard service centers as well, for example Car painting is an important step that contributes to environmental pollution. The VCDR standard service center will be equipped with new technology to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and emission of microscopic particles into the atmosphere, through the installation of a low-pressure ventilation system with an oxygen concentration. Equipped with automatic controls (Pulse Width Modulation: PWM) to reduce energy consumption when inactivity and increase the ventilation rate when the car is sprayed (e.g. the exhaust fan will start when the paint gun is worked). As for the process of painting the car Will use batteries to heat the electric system instead of gas or oil as fuel. This will reduce the overall carbon emissions and carbon emissions from the work. In addition, more than 80% of the air is sucked through a 6-layer filtration system to reduce the rate of greenhouse gas emissions and particulate matter into the atmosphere and also bring those air back to circulate in the paint to reduce energy consumption.

For all car skin layers A water-based paint has been chosen to reduce the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and newer Volvo cars have made basic modifications with the use of water-based paint. To reduce the use of chemicals and work procedures that can be harmful to employees’ health.

Volvo also improves the working environment of technicians with less exposure to machinery and chemicals. To show care for people Which are not just customers but also Volvo’s dedicated employees.

Standard Service Center “VCDR” in Thailand

Volvo Cars Thailand accepts Volvo International’s “Volvo Certified Damage Repair Center (VCDR)” program. To raise the level of service in the country It will focus on the three main operations which are

1)Using modern technology and appropriate work procedures for quality results, minimizing environmental impact and minimizing energy consumption.

2) Efficient time management for quick service Provide a great customer experience that everyone is satisfied with.

3) Cost effective resource management to increase overall business agility and flexibility.

Volvo’s VCDR standard body and paint repair service centers in Thailand that operate in accordance with the standards. And ready for service, there are 2 locations:

Scandinavian Auto Company Limited (Hathairat Branch)

Located at 55/88 Moo 11 Hathairat Road, Lat Sawai Sub-District, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province 12150.

Managed by Mr. Seree Saekoo, Managing Director, said, “At present, doing a complete business is important Because it answers all customer needs The original Volvo showroom and service center were managed on Ram Inthra Road. And interested in expanding the business So decided to invest in a Volvo Certified Damage Repair Center (VCDR) on Hathairat Road. To support the full range of services for all Volvo customers in the Bangkok area. Especially customers in the northern area Work standards and procedures have been set by Volvo Cars (Sweden), giving customers more confidence and trust in our service.”

Newton Body and Paint Company Limited

Located at 199 Borommaratchachonnani Road, Taling Chan Subdistrict, Taling Chan District, Bangkok 10170

Managed by Mrs. Peeraporn Limsawatwong The Managing Director said, “I am confident in doing business with Volvo Cars (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as the original capital because it is an official distributor and service center. In the area of ​​Taling Chan before. When a Volvo Certified Damage Repair Center (VCDR) business plan is proposed and it meets their intentions Therefore, we are not waiting to invest in expanding the full range of services for Volvo customers in the Bangkok area and covering the entire southern region. It is now serving Volvo customers. And customers have come to use the service beyond expectations, together with the professionalism of the Volvo Certified Damage Repair Center staff who have been trained and inspected in every step of the working quality according to Volvo Cars (Sweden) standard.”

“After Volvo presented the Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) concept to provide a beautiful, airy and elegant showroom atmosphere in Scandinavian style. As well as friendly service from all employees and Volvo Personal Service (VPS) that enhances the convenience of direct communication with technicians. In order to allow car owners to be informed of every maintenance process and to set a detailed delivery date. The presentation of Volvo Certified Damage Repair Center (VCDR) marks another milestone for Volvo in enhancing performance in hardware and maintenance center technology so that every department is upgraded along the way. And can be perfectly integrated to deliver a great customer experience for Volvo owners. And by offering premium clean energy vehicles. Modern technology And focus on global warming I believe Volvo will be able to offer consumers excellent vehicle ownership value. Both in terms of business and the environment can be sustainable.” concluded Mr. Chris WailesFor more information about the list of Volvo service centers nearest to you, please call our hotline 02-305-4499 or view the latest information at the website. www.volvocars.com/th

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