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Workshop:   Winning the Direct Booking Battle – Your 2019 Roadmap

Fastrack Group, Australasia’s leading hotel and accommodation full-service digital marketing  and media agency, will be hosting a must-attend workshop on Winning the Direct Booking  Battle, to be held at the ​Banyan Tree Bangkok, Thailand​ on ​March 01, 2019.  

Join direct hotel booking expert, Adrian Caruso, Founder and Managing Director of Fastrack,  for an in-depth workshop on what you need to do to instantly regain market share, win more  clients via direct channels and create a digital roadmap to stay on top of the game in 2019.     Hotel and accommodation operators still seem to be in a never-ending battle for direct online  bookings. Giant online travel agents (OTAs) and travel wholesale companies generally still are  taking the majority of the bookings online and calling the shots with their billion dollar ad  budgets. They compete on price and online might take the rewards and leave operators  shaking with little power to win.    In the workshop you will learn:

1. How to instantly regain market share and increase direct online bookings  2. Hear about ‘real life’ case studies of hoteliers who have increased their direct  bookings by over 300%  3. Learn if you, your website and booking engine is an asset or liability  4. How to combat multi-million dollar advertising campaigns that steal your direct  bookings  5. Discover how to deal with Metasearch companies undercutting you and ‘brand  hijacking’ on Google and other channels

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