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World Acclaimed Artist Patrick REDL Wehrli Debuts his Graffiti in the Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation

The Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation in collaboration with the world acclaimed artist, Mr. Patrick REDL Wehrli (or simply known as REDL), he has created a graffiti art which spread over the 1.2 x 7 metre wall, under the theme of lively sea creatures in the underwater world. REDL is very pleased to work on this masterpiece recently, at the on-site
Mai Khao Marine Turtle Shelter and Education Center, JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa.A successful Swiss artist, graphic designer and illustrator, REDL is best known for his creative graffiti works that can be spotted throughout Switzerland and around the world.

“The inspiration for the piece of art at Marine Turtle Shelter was pretty clear from the beginning.

I tried to illustrate this amazing animal in his whole beauty. My goal is to change a white wall, in an interesting composition of an underwater world and it also helps to make the scene very vivid and alive” said, Artist Patrick REDL Wehrli.

“It’s a great honor to have the famous artist REDL who will be debuting his first graffiti pieceof  art here in Thailand. I envision that with the brilliant spraying of REDL’s graffiti art, it completely enliven our marine turtle shelter and education center as well as give our guests a more exciting and greater impression upon arrival” said Mr. Matthias Y. Sutter, General Manager, JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

“Furthermore, we would like to continue to build on our solid reputation as an eco-friendly resort and pin the Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation into the Phuket ‘Must-Visit-Place’ map.

The destination which is committed to protecting the marine and coastal environment and ecosystems for the wellbeing of the sea turtles that nests in the Mai Khao beach and the surrounding areas” continued Mr. Matthias Y. Sutter “What better and more inspirational way than to express it in the art form. Art connects people with their surroundings, a notion that will continue to inspire not only the young children but also the adults. I truly hope to inspire all our guests to help protect the sea creatures and take better care of the environment wherever they travel and explore to” continued Mr. Matthias Y. Sutter

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