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World’s first underwater bar opens to mark the launch of Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin

Neptunia Pubmarine, an underwater bar. PUBMARINE is born from the unusual singularity that characterizes the Scottish distillery Hendrick’s and from the ocean legends that inspire Neptunia, its newest gin.

On the bar, designed in a purest Victorian style, appeared immersed in one of Madrid’s main aquariums to honor Neptunia, Hendrick’s new limited edition on May 18.

Fearless attendees who dared to descend to the depths of the sea and sit at this unusual bar installed on the sand of the ocean floor had the opportunity to taste a cocktail underwater thanks to the latest generation of specially-designed scuba tanks for this purpose. The tasting atmosphere includes being surrounded by all kinds of marine species: sharks, cow-nosed rays, turtle masks and even mythological mermaids…

In short, a totally immersive and unprecedented experience paired with Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA where participants were able to delight in the latest great creation of Ms Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities, Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA.

The latest from Hendrick’s inspired by the sea

Neptunia, Hendrick’s new limited edition is a mysterious blend of refreshing botanicals from the Scottish coast that manages to express the magic of the sea in liquid form, creating a rich and evocative sensory experience bottled in a gin.

Commitment to the Seagrass project

With the launch of NEPTUNIA, Hendrick’s will raise funds to support marine ecosystems, one of the least known but most important groups of organisms living at the sea.  Funds raised from NEPTUNIA’s sales will be donated to Seagrass and will cover the costs that enable the charity to sustainably scale its operations to restore and protect marine biodiversity globally.

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