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Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited to Offer Aviation and Airport Operations Internships in Collaboration with Lux-Development S.A.

The operator of Yangon International Airport (“YIA”) and Luxembourg’s aid and development agency announced today a partnership to further develop capacity building in the aviation-related industry through an internship collaboration at YIA and provision of aviation speakers from YIA for the modules in Myanmar.

Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited (“YACL”) said it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with Lux-Development S.A. (“LuxDev”).

The two parties will work to jointly develop a 480-hour comprehensive curriculum to train local Tourism and Travel students interested in aviation and airport operations. The students will be able to draw upon YACL’s industry knowledge to develop their skills and experience in the field.

As part of the MoU, LuxDev will provide eligible student interns, while YACL will supervise and assess them on site, provide trainers, training venues, and working arrangements, among others.

Upon completion of the internship program, YACL hopes to create a pool of aviation professionals capable of supporting the growing demand.

At the heart of Luxembourg’s bilateral cooperation system, LuxDev’s mission is to strengthen their partner countries’ ownership of their policy and strategic development, ensuring effective coordination of support from all stakeholders.

Since 2015, LuxDev has partnered various organizations in Myanmar to implement several development projects intended to develop the country’s human resources to help meet the needs of the job market and to upgrade service quality.

The MoU was signed by Mr. Greet De Bruycker, Chief Technical Coordinator of LuxDev, and Mr. Pedro Cavem, Operations and Safety Director of YACL on behalf of Mr. Ho Chee Tong, Chief Executive Officer of YACL, at the YACL office in Yangon International Airport.

Mr. Paul Penfold, Advisor, Tourism HR development of Luxdev said, “The MoU commemorates the joint efforts between LuxDev and YACL in building cooperation to develop local human resources capacity and improve service quality in line with Myanmar’s policies and strategic programs. We look forward to offering students a valuable experience working in the main aviation gateway of Myanmar.”

Mr. Cavem said, “A strong collaborative effort with entities such as LuxDev is needed to upgrade the skills of Myanmar’s human resources. The MoU reflects YACL’s commitment to imparting industry knowledge and skills to better prepare students for the looming rise in demand for skilled workers in the country and particulary in the aviation industry.”

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