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“ZEN Corporation group” to offer “ZEN Scholarship for employee’s children”

Mr.Boonyong Tansakul, Chief Executive Officery (CEO) of ZEN Corporation Group together with the management of the affiliated companies gave the scholarship from “ZEN Scholarship for the employee’s children” project to children of employees of affiliated companies. The scholarship was given to children who have maintained good academic performance and show their determination to study. There were a total of 35 scholarship, each amounting 5,000 Baht which in total worth is 175,000 Baht. This project was organized with the aim to support the education of children of employees and helping alleviate the employee’s cost of living.

“For ZEN Scholarship for the employee’s children, the company aims to help further the education of children of employees. With that, the company is also willing to train the children who are going to school during the school break and the graduated individuals to work with ZEN business group or the brand, said Mr Boonyong”. Mr. Boonyong also mentioned that, it is one of the sustainability programs for all of our employees.

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