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Zen Restaurant together with Japanese Master Chef-Meticulously creates a special Japanese menu set.

Zen Restaurant, together with Japanese Master Chef Mr. Hiroki Mikami, a famous Master Chef from Japan who has over 40 years of experience, is creating 7 meticulous Japanese Teishoku set menus each with unique dishes in authentic Japanese style under the campaign “Mikami Special Teishoku” * with a 50% discount on salmon sashimi, from 1 July to 31 August.

Zen Restaurant together with Mr. Hiroki Mikami, the Japanese Master Chef from Sushi Cyu and Carnival Yakiniku Restaurant, are creating Teishoku set menus in authentic Japanese style. With attention to detail in appearance and composition, the food exhitbits unique taste and flavour with ingredients naturally sourced. Experience the art of eating and the essence of authentic Japanese food.

All main dishes are served with Japanese rice, onions, miso soup, along with side dishes including steamed eggs, salad, pickles, Hijiki and Wakame Seaweed, and Panna Cotta in Zen signature style.

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