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30 Days to Better: Taiwan Excellence

Taiwan Excellence continues to organize social activities in Thailand, challenging Thai people to improve their health and transform themselves into a better version in 30 days with the “Taiwan Excellence 30-Day Challenge.” The goal is to burn 200 / 250 / 300 calories per day for 30 consecutive days starting from August 25 to September 23. Participants   have a chance to win the Taiwan Excellence prizes. Registrations are open from 11-20 August at https://taiwanexcellenceth.com/, with only 1,500 spots available!

Taiwan Excellence has been committed to continuously creating activities to give back to society annually and wants to improve the quality of life of the community that Taiwan Excellence participates in. The “Taiwan Excellence 30-Day Challenge” allows people to challenge themselves by exercising daily within 30 days. We believe that this activity will bring positive changes in both physical and mental health and reduce the risk of getting diseases.

The activity allows participants to set a goal to challenge themselves daily and must do it continuously for 30 days by sending photos with the exercise results from various devices such as mobile applications, treadmill screen, watch screen, smartwatch, or others that specify the number of calories, date, and time results in the system within the event period.

Those who have successfully challenged themselves throughout the activity have a chance to win the Taiwan Excellence Award-winning products, for example, one prize for the ASUS Vivowatch SP, two prizes for Maktar Qubii and Transcend SD 256GB, two prizes for the Adata Power Bank, one prize for the VAGO Portable Vacuum and many rewards. The total value of the prizes is over 20,000 baht. Winners will be announced on September 30, 2023, via Facebook: @TaiwanExcellence.TH.

Participants can choose how to exercise according to their preferences, whether walking, running, cycling, aerobics, yoga, weight training, skateboarding, rollerblading, or even doing housework – all of which can help burn calories based on the daily goals set.  We have compiled exercise ideas from famous influencers to inspire you to stay motivated throughout the 30 days of participating in the activity. For more information, please visit https://taiwanexcellenceth.com/ and Facebook: @TaiwanExcellence.TH.

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