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About Eatery launches ‘About Pasta’, Fresh Pasta Corner

For a limited time, About Eatery introduces their Fresh Pasta Specials Menu, which comprises fresh pastas with recipes created by Chef Gabriele Tozzo Luna.

Customers may order pastas and sauces which represent different regions of Italy, from the more rare types (unseen in Thailand), and some more familiar. Your pasta order will go to the pasta station which is positioned in the deli section of the restaurant.

At this custom setup corner, customers may witness live, their pasta rolled, flipped, bent, twisted, intertwined, stretched before their very eyes. Head Chef Gabriele of About Eatery is from Potenza, a little town in southern Italy. Here he first learned how to create pasta when he was 6 years old, taught by his Grandmother, Angela. Gabriele has 30 shapes of pasta under his repertoire and over the years developed a deft skill in perfecting the more complicated pasta shapes and at finger-breaking speed.

“I got fast because I helped my grandma who sold pasta, usually making a lot, and she was very fast and I didn’t like when she had to wait for me because I’m too slow. Then I improve year by year with my speed and precision. I remember one time I helped her to make pasta for a wedding for 300 people, was a great and tiring experience.” – Chef Gabriele Tozzo Luna.

For the ‘About Pasta’ special, fresh pasta lovers can choose from 10 pasta dishes, made from eggs pasta and semolina pasta, which deeply reflect the culinary cultures from each specific region. Starting from the Casarecce, a pasta originating from Sicily, which are short twists of pasta which appear rolled up on themselves, to the Scialatielli pasta noodle; a short, thick pasta with a rectangular cross section and an almost straight but slightly irregular which is typical of modern Campanian (South West Italy) cuisine.

The About Pasta Special will also feature the, Strangozzi, this name is derived from the shoes lace, to make this shape of pasta, need to use a particular tool called “Chitarra”, in fact this traditional tool look like a guitar instrument and their main function is for cutting the dough by pressing down the fresh pasta on it. The result is a really rough pasta which can absorb more sauce, and for something truly special, the Trofie is a quirky looking-pasta, shaped by rolling a small piece of dough on a flat surface to form a short, round length of pasta with tapered ends, then twisting it to form the final shape. This unique pasta hails from the Liguria (North West Italy) region.

Besides from the 10 select pastas, About Eatery have created a special ‘Giro d’Italia’ Set for Two persons. Inspired by the annual multiple-stage bicycle race tour, held in Italy. Diners can take their own culinary tour around Italy, with 4 different pastas to pair with 4 different sauces; 1 from the North, 1 from the Centre, 1 from the South, and 1 from the South Island.

FASTA PASTA CHALLENGE: For this special About Pasta menu, About Eatery will be holding a very special competition for guests to participate over the promotional period. Chef Gabriele will randomly select 2-3 guests who dine in About Eatery to challenge him to a Pasta Making competition. If any of those challengers can create a pasta shape as good and faster then Chef Gabriele, they will automatically win a voucher for 1 x Giro d’Italia Set to enjoy at their next visits*

*conditions apply.

Last but not least, About Eatery will also be offering fresh pastas in vacuum bag kits for customers to enjoy cooking at home.

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