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AI-Powered English Classes Revolutionize Learning!

51Talk (Five One Talk), the leading online English education global platform that specializes in providing learners with live online English lessons, introduced a groundbreaking approach to English education. For over 10 years with the trust of students and parents across 50 countries worldwide, 51Talk now applies the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to analyze individual skills and tailor a customized study plan based on each children’s aptitude and foundational knowledge. In addition to elevating the standards and progress of children’s English proficiency, this innovative implementation of AI in education also prepares children to unlock their potential for future learning on a global scale.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a trending subject across the internet, particularly with the rise of AI chatbots. This technology has rapidly gained popularity and found applications in various professions. In the realm of education, online learning has become an essential component of modern education, leading to increased utilization of AI. Its integration aims to enhance teaching and learning efficiency for children while providing access to a variety of educational resources. As a valuable teaching assistant, AI improves online classroom instruction by supporting educators in terms of teaching quality and quantity and complementing their physical presence.

51Talk conducted proactive research on AI and its application in teaching and learning, and aims to leverage AI technology to enhance various aspects of the 51Talk’s curriculum:

1.The World’s First Video Teaching System – AirClass

Having spent 5 years on developing the world’s first video teaching system independently, 51Talk now proudly presents AirClass, a platform for students and teachers to interact freely and carry out teaching activities. AirClass provides instant translation in its chat box, with its voice recognition breaking down the audio into milliseconds to analyze students’ pronunciation and intonation accurately and pinpoint areas for improvement for better learning results. Furthermore, AirClass evaluates students’ learning results and status systematically at every stage and converts the results to a visual learning report, so parents can grasp their child’s English level, progress and proactiveness at a glance.

2. Dashboard, the solution for enhancing learning results

Built upon 51Talk’s closed-loop big data analytics and a massive pool of raw data, the Dashboard system obtains accurate learning statistics of students and quantifies learning results. Before classes begin, 51Talk evaluates students’ English level according to adaptive resonance theory (ART) to find courses and teachers that are better suited for students’ needs. During class, the system collects data on students’ pronunciation, number of statements made, facial expressions and motions. With facial recognition technology, the system can determine students’ mood and the interaction between students and teachers, collecting students’ response to the teaching methods used and the quality of the class. At the same time, the big data of 51Talk can also be used to analyze previous data collected from students for concluding their learning habits and identifying weaker areas so teachers can provide better guidance and recommendations on learning materials for better learning results.

3.Enhancing the Learning Experience

51Talk believes that a relaxing and fun learning environment is vital for online classrooms, which impacts students’ development. AI teaching assistants play a crucial role in fostering interaction and engagement within the classroom. For instance, leveraging personalized facial recognition technology allows teachers and students to customize their online appearance. This means students can dress up in many themes such as animals or Santa Claus. This contributes to making the classroom experience more enjoyable for children. Furthermore, the AI teaching assistant’s ability to swiftly find and process information offers significant time savings and streamlines the learning process.

In the future, 51Talk will combine artificial intelligence technology with the most advanced ChatGPT to achieve technological upgrades, mainly manifested in the following aspects;

Integration of ChatGPT in 51Talk’s Course Design 

In the future, 51Talk will launch new technologies that combine with ChatGPT. It has designed an English learning plan that combines the expertise of qualified teachers with the assistance of an AI system which serves as a valuable teaching assistant. Alongside providing immediate summaries of important class content, the AI system identifies areas where students can improve and guide them towards targeted learning. Moreover, it also generates customized assessments to effectively enhance and develop children’s English proficiency. Students can receive real-time and accurate answers to their questions from the AI teaching assistant, which helps parents to adjust learning plans that suit their children’s needs.

Personalized Learning

Currently, teaching materials are primarily designed based on the average skill of all students. However, in the future, ChatGPT will play a critical role in creating personalized lessons by analyzing the individual English proficiency of each learner. AI will offer tailored learning experiences that meet specific needs. In addition to addressing areas of improvement, this approach also enhances children’s existing skills. With AI technology, teachers can dynamically design teaching materials and coursework that align with each student’s abilities.

 Advancing AI Implementation

51Talk aims to further leverage artificial intelligence to enhance English education for children. The envisioned system will provide guidance to students and parents can also address any existing issues, allowing for rapid skill development. This approach represents a powerful teaching and learning method designed to maximize achievements even further.

While digital advancements, like AI, have significantly transformed various aspects of people’s lives, including education, 51Talk views the integration of AI as an invaluable step forward in enhancing English learning for children. However, this is just the beginning, as 51Talk continuously strives to explore and develop new innovative systems that further optimize the platform’s potential. 51Talk unwavering commitment is to be a leader of a modernized and highly effective English learning platform for children.

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