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AI Travel Revolution: Amadeus, Microsoft & Accenture Launch!

AmadeusAmadeus, Microsoft, and Accenture Ignite Next-Gen AI-Driven Corporate Travel Solutions.

In an era where digital innovation shapes our daily experiences, Amadeus is set to redefine the corporate travel realm in a groundbreaking partnership with Microsoft and Accenture. The trio has unveiled plans for integrating powerful generative AI capabilities to streamline and enhance the business travel experience.

With Avanade’s collaborative support, Accenture is meticulously crafting a digital assistant tailored for Amadeus’ Cytric Easy platform. This novel integration promises to seamlessly bridge travellers’ preferences with their companies’ stringent travel policies, ensuring cost-effective and efficient travel processes. Empowered by Microsoft’s formidable tech arsenal – including Azure Open AI Service, Microsoft 365, and Teams – this AI-driven assistant will be an intuitive guide, assisting corporate travellers from their initial planning stage to their post-trip evaluations.

Rudy Daniello, who heads Amadeus Cytric Solutions, expressed his excitement about the transformative potential of this AI chatbot. “Imagine a business travel landscape where static displays and rigid filters are outdated. Our cutting-edge ChatGPT powered interface will dynamically interact with users, making the booking experience incredibly intuitive and swift,” he remarked.

Further emphasizing the gravity of this collaboration, Miguel Flecha, the vanguard at Accenture overlooking the Amadeus account, stated, “This trio aims to create a paradigm shift. By incorporating generative AI into the travel sphere, we’re looking at an evolution in efficiency, personalization, and overall traveler experience.”

However, the innovations don’t stop here. Amadeus and Microsoft are also investing resources in developing a sophisticated plugin for Microsoft 365 Copilot. This revolutionary addition will harness the prowess of advanced AI, empowering users to match quickly and book travel itineraries within Microsoft 365 by simply utilizing natural language prompts. The result? A smoother, more intelligent, and context-aware travel planning experience.

Feliz Montpellier, the steward of Global Partnerships at Microsoft, reflected on the immense potential of AI in reshaping the global industries. “We’re at a transformative junction. Through our expanded alliance with Amadeus, we’re committed to delivering unparalleled value to corporations and crafting bespoke experiences for travelers,” she commented.

This ambitious endeavour forms part of a broader vision to metamorphose business travel. By leveraging Amadeus’ unparalleled insight into the travel ecosystem and tapping into Cytric’s content and traveller data reservoir, along with critical information on corporate booking norms, the consortium aims to create AI tools to redefine how business travel is perceived, ensuring top-tier efficiency and user satisfaction.

The underlying message is clear: the future of business travel is here, and it’s more intelligent, intuitive, and impeccably efficient.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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