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airasia ride to launch legally licensed private car-hailing in Thailand to better serve the needs of drivers and passengers

airasia Super App, Asean’s fastest-growing and most diverse digital travel & lifestyle platform, has become the first to launch a legally licensed, app-based private car-hailing service in Thailand with a fair and transparent fare strategy for three types of cars: Economy (4 seats – Size S), Compact (4 seats – Size M), and Premium and SUV (6 seats – Size L). For now, airasia ride is actively recruiting driver partners in Bangkok and its perimeter areas. Stay tuned for our upcoming launch, including 3 driver features based on passenger demand soon.

Ms. Nattinee Tawanchulee, Country Head, airasia Super App Thailand, said, “airasia ride has been providing taxi-hailing service for Bangkokians and dwellers in perimeter areas since May 2022. Today, we are launching our new legal private car service as part of airasia ride, which will provide improved traveling convenience with reasonable prices for the people of Bangkok and its surrounding areas.

“Based on household expenditures from the National Statistical Office in 2019, we found that the third highest monthly spend amongst Bangkokians is on transportation after food and household expenses. We believe that fair fares for private car-hailing will help people in Bangkok access transportation more easily and seamlessly while reducing the cost of living.

airasia ride is the only legally licensed private car-hailing app in Thailand that is part of an  airline group and this allows travelers to book flights, hotel rooms, and hail rides all at one place via the airasia Super App.”

“The Thai tourism industry is expected to fully recover by 2023 based on the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) estimation, with 18 million foreign tourists projected to travel into Thailand. There can be as many as 30 million tourists. The rising number of incoming travelers, combined with our fair pricing strategy, will benefit drivers who join the “Private Plus Driver Program” or join us as Independent Drivers,  explained Ms. Nattinee.

Our study shows that drivers face various pressures and stress, such as from rules, regulations, practices, and fees. The Private Plus Program is designed to solve these problems and motivate drivers through guidance and support from our professional teams to drive high performance among drivers that will lead to job and income security. Drivers who join the Private Plus Program receive more than 80% of what the customer pays. Drivers can also choose the time of the day that they will drive to complete the goals strategized and suggested by our guidance team. The Private Plus Driver Program is recruiting drivers and offering opportunities for regular drivers to secure income and earn a weekly base income of up to 8,500 baht/week* or 50,000 baht/month*, including incentives to ensure that drivers can earn a decent and increasing income and thus security, especially during this uncertain economic environment.

We are launching 3 new driver features based on Thai passenger demand. Our study found that driver-passenger interaction forms the core of ride-hailing services. More than 73% of passengers feel more satisfied when they can request drivers that match their preferences. Our research led to development of 3 features to answer these needs, e.g., Women Drivers, Quiet Drivers, and English-Speaking Drivers.

  • Women Driver — 76 % of women, Thai and foreign, feel satisfied when they can request Women Drivers, with 92% wanting this feature most from 20.00 – 01.00 hrs.
  • Quiet Driver –100 % of Thai passengers are satisfied when they can choose Quiet Drivers. 50% of these people are working people and 76% want privacy while traveling: 61% to avoid sensitive conversations, and 47% to relax.
  • English-Speaking Driver — 100 % of tourists feel satisfied when they can choose English-Speaking Drivers. 81% ranked their worries about communication with the driver as their top worry.”

Enjoy the SUPER EXPERIENCE with airasia ride

  • Airport Ride offers a discount of 50 THB for customers traveling to Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang international airports. No more need to use your own car or find parking space. Enter the code “AIRPORT50” (with a minimum spend of 180 baht)**. Limited quantity – applicable until 28 February 2023.
  • Airasia Super App also provides “City Ride” promotion with the code “RIDE30” and receives a 30-baht discount for traveling in Bangkok. (With a minimum spend of 150 baht)** Limited quantity Can be used from today until the end of February 2022 subject to the terms and conditions set by the company*

airasia Super App users will receive airasia points for every purchase made through the airasia Super App. Points can be used as cash to order food through airasia food, booking flights , or buying our bundled flight-hotel packages through SNAP.

Drivers who would like to be part of the airasia ride driver can directly apply to be an airasia ride driver partner via this Link: https://bit.ly/3pxXIKx

Follow the latest news, activities and promotions of the airasia Super App on Instagram and Facebook at @airasiasuperapp.

For additional information about airasia Super App, AirAsia, please contact: superappcomms@airasia.com

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