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AirAsia Superapp & STAAH: Unified Travel Revolution!

AirAsia XIn a significant development, the prominent all-in-one travel platform, airasia Superapp, under Capital A’s umbrella, has announced its strategic alliance with renowned hotel distribution and booking technology firm STAAH. This partnership is geared towards enhancing its bundled travel services, a move expected to transform the face of digital travel booking.

As part of the integration, the airasia Superapp is slated to have a direct nexus with more than 18,000 establishments, consequently augmenting the diverse travel choices for its thousands of users. Customers of the airasia Superapp employ this platform for booking flights, accommodations, and transportation, and this expanded offering will undeniably enrich their user experience.

Tan Mai Yin, the Chief Commercial Officer of airasia Superapp, lauded the collaboration, emphasizing its benefits for end consumers and local hotels. She explained that this partnership will improve the online visibility of local accommodations and simplify the booking process for customers who may experience browsing fatigue when navigating multiple sites. Tan said, “This partnership means more accommodation options for travellers as part of a comprehensive travel package.”

Tan further outlined the traditional customer behaviour that typically starts with flight bookings, underscoring airasia Superapp’s intent to offer a one-stop solution. She stated, “Consumers are weary of browsing through various booking sites and the uncertainty of getting the best price and package. By introducing a wider range of accommodation choices that complement the lowest flights in the sub-continent, we instil confidence in our customers that they are indeed getting the best deal.”

The airasia Superapp, an enterprise of Capital A, extends over 15 lines of products and services via the Superapp and the airasia.com website. Driven by data and technology, the app has successfully constructed a digital ecosystem that caters to 51 million users and boasts 40 million downloads. By offering a bespoke and seamless customer experience, users can participate in real-time dialogues, join relevant communities, play games, and much more. The Superapp caters to various needs, from travel to daily lifestyle essentials, truly offering something for everyone.

Tarun Joukani, Director of STAAH, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. He emphasized that collaboration is crucial for their hotel partners looking to expand their reach, especially in the Asian region. He added, “Our extensive presence in the Asian region, along with airasia Superapp’s strong penetration here, offers a fantastic opportunity for our partner hotels to cater to the growing and highly engaged traveller subset on the airasia Superapp platform.”

This revolutionary partnership is a win-win, offering a comprehensive, user-friendly travel booking platform for consumers while simultaneously expanding hotel visibility and reach. As we move towards an increasingly digitized world, initiatives like these that aim to simplify and personalize the user experience are the need of the hour.





Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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