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Amadeus launches new API with NDC capabilities

Amadeus today launches a new enhanced version of its flagship Web Services solution called Amadeus Travel API. This NDC-enabled solution will give travel agencies worldwide access to new content and fares from our airline driver customers via an NDC connectivity.

Travix , a driver customer of Amadeus’ NDC [X] program, co-designed the solution and has had live NDC bookings in production since last year.

In line with the global launch of the solution, some travel agencies are to become early adopters, giving them first access to the solution and content offered by our airline driver customers via an NDC connectivity. These major industry players include AERTiCKET, American Express Global Business Travel, BCD Travel, House of Travel, and integrated tourism group TUI.

The move reflects Amadeus’ ongoing commitment to driving NDC forward through its NDC [X] program and will help airlines and travel agencies deliver more personalized and differentiated travel experiences.

Amadeus Travel API, an API which integrates with travel agencies’ existing systems and allows them to build their own customized travel booking applications, will be rolled out globally on a gradual basis. The solution will offer greater functionality for Amadeus’ travel agency customers in the following ways:

Access to new airline content and fares via an NDC connectivity, alongside content from traditional technology such as EDIFACT, and other APIs. NDC is an integral part of the Amadeus Travel Platform – a platform which brings together all travel content from multiple sources in one place, allowing travel agencies to easily search for offers.

Simplified workflow of shop, order, pay, ensuring a smoother experience which mirrors the consumer journey.
Cross-sell of ancillary services and up-sell of branded fares.

Change and cancellation functionalities to include refund, void or exchange options.

Acceptance of both credit card and cash payments with integrated reconciliation to mid and back office technology, ensuring NDC bookings are fully integrated in the down-stream processes of agencies.

Optimized to work across multiple interfaces so customers have the flexibility to start a booking on a mobile device and can choose to finish the booking on a desktop, or vice-versa.

Rudy Daniello, Executive Vice President, Customer Operations, Travel Channels, Amadeus said: “Over the last year, we have worked hard alongside our NDC [X] partners to develop scalable, user friendly solutions that will give agencies access to content sourced through an NDC connectivity. This is now a reality. With the technology now in place, we look forward to seeing what new and exciting content airlines can provide to ensure worldwide adoption of NDC. We are proud to be pioneering in this field, collaborating with leading travel players, and deploying truly innovative solutions for all of our customers.”

John Mangelaars, CEO, Travix said: “Working side-by-side with Amadeus to develop, pilot, and launch its NDC-enabled Web Services solution to deliver on the NDC dream, has been such a rewarding experience. Through the solution, NDC bookings are gaining momentum and we are already reaping the benefits and delivering different, and more personalized offers to our customers. It gives us great pleasure to support Amadeus as it today launches the solution globally to its travel agency customers.”

Amadeus has recently announced additional NDC [X] milestones and partnerships with in-dustry leaders including Qantas, Finnair, Flight Centre and Travix. This announcement marks the global deployment phase of its NDC-enabled solutions for its travel agency customers. In the coming months, Amadeus will also be launching the NDC-enabled version of its leading cloud-based travel agency solution, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

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