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Art Exhibition “Twilight Zone II” By Chuang Moolpinit, National Artist, Visual Arts (2013)

Art Exhibition “Twilight Zone 2”  By Chuang Moolpinit, National Artist, Visual Arts (2013)

Name that has implications Human life cycle Which has a time before the dawn will dawn, as the sun sets as the life of every human being Faced with “death”

Exhibited away from the first Twilight Zone exhibition for 6 years. This collection of around 120 works of teachers is a work that has been created since 1987 – present both oil painting and drawing images in the book. Record The artist has sketched it when he touched the beauty that was poured out of the mind that was interrupted by the experience of life

The exhibition “Twilight Zone 2” , held on April 2-30, 2019, at the studio, 4th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Center

Chuang Moolpinit, National Artist, Visual Arts 2013 is preparing his art exhibition under the name of “Twilight Zone II” with the implications of the cycle of life from the beginning of dawn to end of dusk symbolizing the death all human inevitably must face.

Twilight Zone II take place 6 years after the first Twilight Zone, this time amassing a collection of over 120 pieces ranging from 1987 to date. His art pieces include oil paintings, water colors and sketches which was inspired and refined by his experiences in life.

Twilight Zone II starts from 2-28 April 2019 at Bangkok Art & Culture Center (4th floor, Studio room)

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