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Artistic Finale: Jim Thompson x GOH M’s Sensational Collection!

Jim Thompson, the renowned Thai silk and lifestyle brand, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of their latest collaboration, JIM THOMPSON x GOH M. This exclusive collection marks the culmination of the successful ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE campaign, which showcased three prominent Thai artists with three distinct collections in 2023.

The JIM THOMPSON x GOH M collection promises to captivate fashion enthusiasts with its striking fusion of pop art, street art and graffiti, and Jim Thompson’s iconic lifestyle aesthetic. This collaboration challenges conventional perceptions of colour, while infusing the collection with an intriguing sense of playfulness.

The core objective of the ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE project is to infuse the Thai fashion industry with fresh energy and creativity. By collaborating with three exceptionally talented Thai artists, each possessing unique skills within their respective artistic domains, Jim Thompson aims to revolutionise the fashion landscape, attracting new audiences and redefining style.

According to Nunnapat Verojanavat, Marketing Director of Jim Thompson, “The ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE project has been a tremendous success, with the celebrated Thai artists bringing an unparalleled level of innovation and excitement to our collections this year. With the launch of JIM THOMPSON x GOH M, we aim to create a truly remarkable and unconventional experience for fashion enthusiasts.”

The visionary artist, Kittipong Khamsat (Goh M), expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am truly honoured to collaborate with Jim Thompson on this ground-breaking collection. The combination of my contemporary art style and Jim Thompson’s iconic brand creates a thrilling and unexpected collaboration. It is a perfect alignment of creative visions.”

Goh M’s distinctive designs are showcased in the JIM THOMPSON x GOH M collection, featuring vibrant pop art-inspired prints with a delightful blend of flowers, fruits, plants, and elephants. The collection draws inspiration from Thai fruits like mangosteen and orange and Thailand’s iconic elephant as the main design motifs. The resulting desginscape is in a colour palette that boldly juxtaposes purple, orange, and green, creating captivating and unconventional patterns that challenge traditional expectations.

The collection also incorporates Goh M’s signature print and graffiti style, highlighting the fusion of pop art, street art/graffiti, and the iconic Jim Thompson lifestyle brand. The bold use of pastel colours, lines, and shades adds an element of surprise and intrigue, while the incorporation of orange, mangosteen and elephant motifs infuses the collection with a unique and compelling aesthetic. The collection, in a range of materials from cotton and silk to linen, features over several styles for both men and women. For women, the collection contains oversized dresses, silk boxy shirts, cotton T-shirts and silk fisherman pants. Men’s  must-have pieces include silk Hawaiian shirts, oversized cotton T-shirts, linen shorts and T-shirts.

Join Jim Thompson and Goh M on this exhilarating journey as they redefine the boundaries of fashion, blending art and style in ways never seen before. Stay tuned for the launch of the JIM THOMPSON x GOH M collection, where the worlds of Pop Art, Street Art and Graffiti, and Jim Thompson’s iconic lifestyle brand seamlessly collide.

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