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Asiatique The Riverfront with the Traditional Thai Puppet Theater (Joe Louis) organizes special event “In Honor of the Royal Coronation.”

On the occasion of the auspicious coronation ceremony of His Majesty Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun, Asiatique The Riverfront together with the Traditional Thai Puppet Theater (Joe Louis) organizes special event “In Honor of the Royal Coronation” to pay respect and veneration and express loyalty to His Majesty Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun.

At the event, there will be an exhibition of a replica of the Great Crown of Victory (Phra Maha Phichai Mongkut) made of golden teakwood, teakwood, and tiger’s claw wood, hollowed and shaped by a lathe, carved into patterns, finished with gold and cinnabar art, and decorated with diamonds and crystals from Swarovski, and also a set of metal ware, as well as a set of Thai traditional enameled golden ware with embedded gemstones. This regalia is crafted by Mr. Pichai Yangkeawsod, who is artist, heir, and successor of Joe Louis or Mr. Sakorn Yangkeawsod, the founder of the Traditional Thai Puppet Theater (Joe Louis) and national artist in Thai small puppet art in 1996. These royal objects are created to express gratitude to all Thai monarchs in the Chakri Dynasty for their benevolence and to conserve the knowledge of classic Thai craft inherited from ancient times.

The puppet show, “Hanuman The Great Warrior,” will also be performed at the Traditional Thai Puppet Theater (Joe Louis), Asiatique The Riverfront. The episode recounts a love story between white monkey Hanuman, a warlord of Rama’s army, and mermaid princess Suvannamaccha. The story begins when Rama orders Hanuman to build a road in order to maneuver the army across the sea to the city of Lanka, and retrieve Sita who has been kidnapped by Tosakanth. Tosakan orders his daughter Suvannamaccha to sabotage Hanuman’s mission. She then orders her subordinates to take out the stones that Hanuman’s troop has brought to reclaim the sea. Once Hanuman notices that the stones keep disappearing, he plunges into the sea and meets Suvannamaccha. As he pursues her, they start to have a feeling for each other.

The puppet performance will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 19.30 hrs. The ticket prices are 900 baht/person for adults and 600 baht/person for children.

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