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Thai Rice Snacks Offers Health Benefits

The Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, has introduced a project called “Think RICE, Think THAILAND” to encourage international community to pay attention to consumer health and to raise awareness on the national crop by providing a wider range of knowledge about Thai rice. 

Today, by using modern technologies and cutting-edge innovations, Thai rice has been developed and progressed to meet the ever-changing demand of global consumers.

Among many Thai rice innovative foods, the Ministry of Commerce shared that snacks made from Thai rice has gained popularity. It is now the selection for modern health-conscious consumers. The reason is simple. Thai rice snacks are made from high quality of Thai rice; therefore, it is tasty and filling. It is full of nutrients, not to mention that it is gluten-free.

The selection of snacks made from Thai rice includes rice crisps, rice crackers, rice puffs, rice meringue, rice cakes and many more.

Think Rice Innovations, Think Thai Rice.

Think Rice, Think Thailand.

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