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Bacardi Thailand Elevates Bangkok’s Entertainment Scene!

Bacardi Thailand is excited to announce its role as a founding partner of UOB LIVE, a transformative initiative set to redefine the entertainment landscape in Bangkok’s vibrant EmDistrict. This partnership combines Bacardi’s esteemed portfolio, featuring brands like Bacardi, Grey Goose, Patrón, Martini, Dewar’s, and Bombay Sapphire, with UOB LIVE’s dedication to cutting-edge entertainment. Bacardi Thailand’s sponsorship builds on its strategic partnership with AEG across multiple markets and is reinforced by its strong existing relationship with The Mall Group.

Bacardi Thailand is committed to creating a world-class entertainment environment at UOB LIVE, underpinned by exceptional hospitality and a commitment to enhancing customer engagement with world-class performances and locally recognized artists such as Ed Sheeran, Tom Jones, Slot Machine, and Jeff Satur.

“This collaboration creates a buzz around Bacardi’s iconic brands and UOB LIVE’s innovative vision as well as highlighting our dedication to offering extraordinary experiences. We’re crafting immersive occasions that marry luxury with celebration, deeply resonating with both local and international guests,” said Nakul Roy, General Manager, Bacardi Thailand.

“Positioned in Bangkok’s vibrant heart, UOB LIVE significantly benefits from Bacardi’s global prestige and leadership in the beverage sector. Our alliance marks a significant milestone, enriching our entertainment diversity and setting a new standard in Thailand’s entertainment scene,” said Craig Grossarth, General Manager, UOB LIVE

Bacardi Thailand’s involvement in UOB LIVE will not only secure top-tier artists and host special Bacardi events but also act as a sponsorship partner, drawing on its rich history of partnerships with major events like Neon Countdown and Wonderfruit to curate exclusive, impactful events that bolster brand awareness and enhance consumer engagement. Eventgoers can look forward to a premium experience at the dedicated Bacardi main bar, featuring a curated selection of products tailored to each event’s audience. Interactive activations and special promotions, like Bacardi Slushies and signature cocktails, will elevate the pre-event atmosphere, promising a unique and engaging experience.

In the first showcase of this partnership’s dynamic potential, Bacardi provided unparalleled support at Ed Sheeran’s concert on February 11th, enhancing the experience with a range of bespoke beverages. Guests enjoyed refreshing Dewar’s highballs and Bacardi Pina Colada & Strawberry Daiquiri slushies both before and after the memorable performance. This initiative is a testament to Bacardi’s commitment to elevating the live entertainment experience, offering top-notch crafted drinks and ensuring guest satisfaction through the expertise of Bacardi’s Brand Ambassador, who personally trains and educates staff on the portfolio and drink execution. Looking ahead, Bacardi plans to continue this momentum, supporting a wide array of events with innovative and exciting product trials.

This strategic collaboration aims to increase consumer interaction through innovative activations, allowing guests to explore beyond traditional drink formats, thus driving brand advocacy and attracting new consumers. UOB LIVE, in turn, enhances its stature as a premier entertainment destination, offering a broad Bacardi brand portfolio that promises a world-class experience. Bacardi Thailand and UOB LIVE’s collaboration signifies a monumental leap forward for Bangkok’s entertainment offerings, promising to leave an indelible mark on the city’s cultural fabric. Bacardi eagerly anticipates welcoming guests to UOB LIVE, where exceptional hospitality and entertainment experiences await.

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