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Banyan Tree & Creston Hill: Luxe Oasis Next to Thailand’s Magical Khao Yai!

Banyan Tree Residences Creston Hill (Aerial)Embarking upon a splendid journey through the veins of luxury and sustainability, Banyan Tree, in a sublime alliance with Thai property connoisseur Creston Holding Ltd., introduces an architectural masterpiece, the Banyan Tree Residences Creston Hill, adjacent to the UNESCO-recognized Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. With a captivating investment of THB 17 billion, this illustrious establishment unfolds across a sprawling 226-rai, enchantingly enveloped by a 30-rai lake, seamlessly intertwining opulence and nature in a residential escapade.

Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings, Mr. Ho Kwon Ping, accentuated, “Our pursuit goes beyond mere luxury. It’s a promise, a commitment to crafting living spaces that elevate experiences, existing in harmonious dialogue with the environment.” Mr. Chayaditt Hutanuwatra, at the helm of Creston Holding Ltd., shares a parallel vision: “Crafting a harmonious blend of nature and architectural splendor, we envision this project as a monumental stride in redefining Thailand’s luxury real estate.”

Stationed a mere 200km from Bangkok, Banyan Tree Residences Creston Hill emerges amidst the enchanting aura of Khao Yai, unfolding in its inaugural phase 21 meticulously furnished luxury villas and 16 low-rise condominium structures, all splendidly commingling with the natural surroundings. Residents are bestowed with an exclusive gateway to “The Sanctuary Club,” a portal into an elite world of privileges and discounts permeating the Banyan Tree global nexus.

Banyan Tree Group’s Mr Stuart Reading emphasized the brand’s emblematic stature of trust and prestige, presenting investors with a rare conduit into the brand’s quintessential lifestyle and unparalleled service amenities. He noted, “Our intrinsic philosophy pivots around a profound respect for nature, propelling sustainable undertakings that augment value for our global communities and collaborative partners.”

Property connoisseurs will marvel at the villas’ voluminous living realms, avant-garde design concepts, and private courtyards unveiling scenic panoramas. The condominiums, available in One, Two, and Three-bedroom variants, frame breathtaking views of towering mountains and tranquil lakes. A cantilevered pool graces the three-bedroom units and penthouses, resplendent with private rooftop gardens.

Strategically proximal to Khao Yai National Park, the property opens a world of recreational possibilities, nestled near the extravagant Creston Hill Estate and further bolstered by robust infrastructure. Promising amplified accessibility through a forthcoming freeway, Banyan Tree Residences Creston Hill meticulously caters to international and domestic connoisseurs, ready to harvest the benefits from a booming economic environment, formidable infrastructure endeavours, and a revivifying tourist influx.

Discover more by visiting www.banyantreeresidencescrestonhill.com.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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