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ASEAN Café Show 2023: Coffee Culture Revival

Atmosphere 3Unveiling the ASEAN Café Show 2023: Where Coffee Dreams Brew to Reality.

The enchanting city of Bangkok is stirring with excitement, setting the stage for the most awaited event of the year: The 17th ASEAN Café Show 2023. A spectacle designed to elevate the coffee, tea, bakery, ice cream, and chocolate industries, this exhibition also plays a pivotal role in invigorating Thailand’s economy. With the promise of revenues soaring beyond an impressive 500 million baht, this is not just a show but a testament to the burgeoning global café culture.

Kavin Kittiboonya, the esteemed president of Kavin Intertrade and the brain behind this grand affair, remarked, “We’ve sculpted this year’s show around the theme of ‘One-Stop Café Solution’, scheduled for October 26-29 at Bangkok’s iconic BITEC venue.” With a staggering count of nearly 250 exhibitors from renowned nations like Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Singapore, the show has doubled in size, now sprawling across 10,000 square meters.

Caffa Roasting Machine
Caffa Roasting Machine.

For enthusiasts and business moguls alike, this expo is a golden ticket. On display are over 8,000 avant-garde products, curated meticulously from corners of the globe. The gamut is vast, from coffee shop essentials to innovative accessories and raw materials. Bakery entrepreneurs will be spoiled for choice with state-of-the-art kneaders, ovens, and more. At the same time, ice cream aficionados can delve into the world of gelato machines and delectable cream substitutes.

Collaborating with prestigious associations like the Horticultural Science Society of Thailand, Barista Association of Thailand, and others, Mr. Kavin highlighted that nearly 50 invaluable activities are planned. “We intend to arm our visitors with refined skills and knowledge. With sessions led by barista champions, acclaimed chefs, and industry mavericks, attendees can enrich their craft,” he said—the Thailand National Coffee Roasting Championship 2024, which is bound to captivate every coffee connoisseur present.

Stressing the significance of the coffee and bakery sectors, Mr Kittiboonya said, “The current market dynamics, a boom in tourism, heightened consumer expenditure, and the evolving tastes of the youth who fervently hunt for unique café spots are catapulting these industries to new heights.”

The four-day fiesta is expected to see an influx of approximately 25,000 enthusiasts from over 40 nations, all converging to witness the grandeur, learn, network, and place orders.

Registrations are now open for those keen to participate in this revolutionary show. Dive into the realm of ASEAN café culture, expand your horizons, and potentially transform your business trajectory. To join the brigade of global café enthusiasts, register at https://aseancafeshow.com or stay updated via their Facebook page, “Thailand Coffee Show By ASEAN Cafe.”




Written by: My Thanh Pham







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