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Beat the heat this summer at Virgin Active The one-stop-wellness destination to build your dream body

During the extraordinarily hot summer months like this April, people may try to escape the heat by splashing water during the long holiday, but Thai Summers does not end after Song Kran

. The heat can last anytime from February down to May with temperatures rising as high as 40 degrees Celsius. Moreover, with the rise in PM 2.5 dust or other pollutants jeopardizing the health and lifestyles of Thai people, going outside has become less ideal than ever before.

Heat stroke is a health condition that is especially prevalent during summertime. The condition is the most serious heat-related illness, which results in the rapid increase of body temperature, whereby the sweating mechanism fails, and the body is unable to cool down. Heat strokes can be fatal, which is why it is crucial to be extra careful, especially outdoors, during the summer. Therefore, it is advised to drink plenty of water, wear lightweight and breathable clothing with good ventilation and avoid exercising or doing outdoor activities in extreme temperatures.

Virgin Active, the world’s leading wellness club invites everyone to escape the heat this summer at Virgin Active clubs. Come exercise for your health, build strong muscles and join irresistible classes such as Pilates Reformer, yoga, grid training and many more. You can also relax with all the added amenities to help ease recovery post-workout.

All the exercises and equipment you need for a dream summer body

Virgin Active is proud to present the 4 exercises that target your abs using the club’s fitness equipment. These exercises not only help tighten specific areas but also help build muscles as well. Most importantly, these exercises are fun and safe guaranteed with world-class standards from Technogym and Matrix as well as close supervision by the club’s certified trainers.

The 4 exercises, consist of the Cable Oblique Twist and Cable Side Crunch, which help build muscles around the core, abdomen and waist, while the Elbow Side Plank Rotation and Oblique Extension will directly build muscles in the front and side abdomen, helping to firm and strengthen the muscles in that area. Thus, members can choose and alternate exercises that best suit them, coupled with the right equipment and consistency, which will help create satisfying results in the future.

In addition to the complete equipment on the gym floor, members can enjoy unlimited access to all fitness classes without additional costs. This includes the popular Pilates Reformer class, which is an exercise that focuses on controlling the body on the reformer machine by relying on the use of core muscles and various movements combined with breathing exercises.

Release the heat and cool down your body

After sweating it out with all the exercising, Virgin Active also offers post-exercise recovery amenities to help ease muscle strains and relaxes the mind to provide members with a truly holistic wellness experience. This includes temperature-controlled pools, jacuzzi, steam room as well as ice room.

In addition, all members can enjoy exercising at Virgin Active clubs at a special price this summer in April with the Summer Promotion that offers 50% discount on the first 8 weeks for everyone who applied for a 12-month membership. For more information, visit all Virgin Active branches and online via www.virginactive.co.th and Facebook @VirginActiveThailand and Instagram @VirginActiveThailand.

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