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BEDROCK & HERE: Powering Thailand’s Smart City with Digital Twin

Bedrock Analytics Co Ltd., an expert in infrastructure development concerning data, alongside providing Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms and deep location data within the ARV (AI and Robotics Ventures) Group, and HERE Technologies, join hands to develop a ‘comprehensive real-time mapping’ technology that is accurate and swift, elevating the capabilities in managing location data efficiently while creating maps that cater to various businesses. This collaborative technology will spearhead initiatives in Yala City, driving it towards becoming a livable smart city in alignment with local and governmental policies.

Mr. Weerawat Ratanawaraha, Co-Founder of Bedrock Analytics, stated that Bedrock is cognizant and prioritizes the development of spatial technology, steadfast in creating digital technologies that can rapidly facilitate data storage, thereby reducing operational time and enhancing decision-making efficiency. In the past, Bedrock has employed an intelligent location platform for local government agencies. Leveraging advanced AI and Machine Learning (ML) technology, by expaning a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a comprehensive location technology service platform to cover a broader territory effectively.

In this collaboration, expertise exchange on Bedrock’s Location Intelligence Platform aligns with HERE’s location identification technology, which ensures data accuracy of over 98%. This includes exchanging opinions and suggestions to operationalize services capable of analyzing data automatically and driving location-based strategies more comprehensively. Moreover, it speeds up location identification and ensures personal data transmission security and accuracy, thus significantly enhancing Bedrock’s service capabilities promptly and efficiently. This results in a more comprehensive platform.”

Mr. Weerawat also added: “The jointly developed technology will initially be piloted in Yala municipality, which has been approved to be one of the smart city targets of Thailand under the ‘Yala Smart City Development for Community Participation’ project. The aim is to elevate city management in various aspects to align with the Thailand 4.0 strategy, emphasizing the development of the Thai economy through innovation to elevate Thailand to a secure, prosperous, and sustainable nation. This is achieved using simulation models, or Digital Twins, to optimize the best paths for travel, economic activities, urban planning, infrastructure management, and disaster control, as well as planning to expand access and prepare necessary tools and resources for municipalities nationwide to make well-informed decisions, driving municipal development according to governmental policies.

Additionally, the platform and location technology solutions significantly affect the country’s development in various sectors. For instance, in the public sector, these technologies can be used to monitor urban sprawl, community service provision, welfare, disaster prevention, as well as population data to provide rapid and efficient assistance. In the private sector, companies or businesses seeking expansion can utilize this technology to examine areas and population density of target groups for business expansion decisions. In the industrial sector, companies can use this technology to inspect public utilities, physical space, and logistics readiness for predictive analysis to make well-informed decisions and precise locations for a new factory.

Thanyapat Sakunkonchak, Ph.D.,Head of Thailand Business at HERE Technologies, mentioned that HERE Technologies has expertise in the local landscape and has been operating robustly for 16 years in the Southeast Asian region. For this collaboration, HERE is committed to developing smart cities in Thailand alongside Bedrock and driving technological innovations that meet the city’s needs by providing better public services.

HERE will provide Thailand’s map data to Bedrock, along with detailed features. These include road infrastructure, 3D building models, and Points of Interest (POI). This data will serve as the foundation for building a comprehensive digital twin city, enabling urban planners, government officials, and policymakers to simulate and analyze real-world scenarios in a virtual environment. Accurate mapping and spatial data are crucial for creating realistic and reliable digital twin city models, providing real-time, in-depth data on city changes, and facilitating predictive analysis for well-informed decision-making,” added Thanyapat, Ph.D.

For further inquiries or additional information, please visit the website https://bedrockanalytics.ai/ or the Facebook page Bedrock Analytics (https://www.facebook.com/BedrockAnalyticsTH) or call 02 078 6565.

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