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€250K StartUp Contest: Travelsoft’s Big Launch

Travelsoft Group, the European leader in travel SaaS comprising the renowned brands Orchestra, Traffics, and Travel Compositor, is proud to announce the launch of its second StartUp Contest. With prizes worth up to €250,000, the competition aims to identify and support innovative startups in the technology and travel sectors across Europe.

Travelsoft StartUps Contest, conducted jointly with Travelsoft brand Travel Compositor, which organised the first edition of this contest in 2022, and the other Travelsoft Group companies Orchestra and Traffics, will select up to three winning projects among those that participate. Available in Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, it welcomes technology and travel-based ventures with a history of up to two years in the market. Selection criteria include the talent and commitment of the team, the creativity and viability of the business, and its ability to complement Travelsoft’s portfolio of companies.

This year’s edition is built upon the success of the previous contest organised by Travelsoft brand Travel Compositor in 2022, where winners MOGU and Top Group Express received €200,000 in investment and support. Winners not only utilised the prize money to expand their operations and resources but also to introduce or near-launch additional business and revenue models that they co-created in a joint venture with Travel Compositor (with the company now present today on their respective boards). This is illustrated by MO the last-mile App, which is used by over eighty companies across thirty countries.

This year’s winners stand to gain a comprehensive support package, including:

  • Prizes worth up to €250,000 including cash, investments, and in-kind contributions.
  • 12 months of personalised mentoring, including office space, technological, financial, legal, and strategic guidance.
  • Access to 500 hours of customised technology and design services, along with potential software licences from Travelsoft companies.
  • Opportunities to connect with investors for subsequent stages of growth.

Interested participants can apply by submitting their documents through the competition website. The submission deadline is April 30th, with a live streaming event scheduled for mid-May, where up to six shortlisted projects will compete in the final round.

Expanding its reach across Europe in this year’s edition, the Travelsoft Group stands as a beacon of innovation and scale-up expertise within the industry. With this launch, the group reaffirms its unwavering commitment to nurturing talent within the European travel tech community. Through this initiative, Travelsoft aims to unearth burgeoning ideas and nascent companies, providing them with the necessary technological support, guidance, incubation, investment, and development opportunities crucial for success.

Christian Sabbagh, Founder & CEO of Travelsoft expressed his enthusiasm stating, “I’m thrilled to announce our second StartUp Contest. Beyond financial support, we’re committed to providing tailored mentoring, tech services, and investor connections. But our commitment extends beyond the contest itself, we’re dedicated to forming lasting partnerships with our winners, providing avenues for continued growth and development. This initiative underscores our dedication to nurturing talent and driving innovation in the European travel tech sector. We invite aspiring entrepreneurs to join us on this journey as we strive to redefine the future of travel technology together.”

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