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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Bill Bensley’s Digital Travelogue Library Ep. 1: The Slate Villa

Venture further inside The Slate, uncover the world of whimsy and explore an oddball grandeur that fuses industrial references and hospitality through the lens of Bill Bensley. A unique story that combines the island’s beauty of landscape and history with Bensley’s creative, distinctive sense of style and storied personalities that captures the spirit of The Slate – to create a space where family legacy meets raw elements, industrial beauty interrupts and art converges with nature.

Bold luxury infuses every space, The Slate identity and design are rooted in the island’s landscape and history, underpinned by the use of industrial materials combined with a muted colour palette of earthy hues, a configuration using recycled materials, and a diverse yet complementing pieces designed to stimulate the senses and create a balanced synergy for hospitality that exudes raw sensuality and artistry.

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