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Bonchon Dominates Thai Fried Chicken Market with New Menu

Bonchon has unveiled the overall business performance for the year 2023, showcasing a double-digit growth from robust execution of strategies. Emphasising its unique service covering both in-store and delivery services, expanding its branches nationwide, and extending its consumer base to the new generation. Recently, it accelerates the launch of the new menu ‘The Whole Chicken,’ a complete set of Korean-style chicken with double the deliciousness, followed by an extra touch by roping in ‘Fourth-Gemini’ duo, the hottest pair of the year, to elevate its brand presence as the latest ambassador duo of the year, aiming to deliver the new Korean-style deliciousness more comprehensively, reinforcing its position as Thailand’s No1 Korean fried chicken brand. First founded in Busan, South Korea in 2002, the brand has since expanded to over 450 branches in 9 countries, including Thailand, USA, France, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Nakarintr Thamhatai, General Manager of Spoonful (Thailand) Company Limited or Bonchon, under the management of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, reveals that Bonchon’s business performance in 2023 has continued to grow, attributed to various strategies such as serving unique Korean-style deliciousness distinctive to Bonchon, including introducing new delectable flavours of Korean fried chicken to create special experiences for consumers. For example, ‘Bonchon Seoul Tower Chicken Dippers’ with five different dips, as well as the launch of a new size, Bonchon XS, to cater to all consumer lifestyles through comprehensive services, including in-store dining, takeaway, and delivery. This includes expanding the market by expanding branches to cover the whole country. Currently, there are over 119 branches. in 2023, Bonchon created a buzz in the fried chicken market with the strategy of creating awareness through the launch of its first-ever brand ambassador in Thailand, receiving an unexpectedly positive response, resulting in an increase in the youth and new generation consumer base by over 20%

In 2024, Bonchon Thailand will continue to forge ahead in providing continuous delicious experiences to consumers, by introducing most recently the new menu ‘Whole Chicken,’ a set of Korean fried chicken with a complete chicken, including wings, breasts, thighs, and drumsticks, totaling 18 pieces, with double the deliciousness, including X2 the size of chicken pieces, X2 the crispiness with an exceptionally thin crispy coating, along with frying and coating techniques using secret recipes exclusively Bonchon-style, and X2 the deliciousness with signature sauces such as Garlic Soy Sauce and Hot Sauce, meticulously applied by gently brushing the chicken piece by piece. This menu is now available at all Bonchon outlets and delivery channels through the Bonchon app. Additionally, the restaurant plans to expand by another 10 branches by 2024, aiming for over 20% growth.

In addition to launching the new menu, Bonchon continues its strategy to penetrate the New Gen consumer group. This year, two new powerful celebrity pair, Norawit ‘Gemini’ Titicharoenrak and Nattawat ‘Fourth’ Jirochtikul, have joined Bonchon for the first time as brand ambassadors for the second year, with a character that is cute, playful, yet also intensely hot, gaining a large fan following. They also represent the modern and accessible image of the new generation, aligning with the brand’s identity as a distinctive and vividly delectable Korean fried chicken brand. The selection of these two young men as brand ambassadors in this campaign is considered a continuation of the strategy to create awareness and access to the target consumer group, as well as to increase consumer awareness and engagement with the brand.

From the aforementioned strategies, Bonchon is confident that it will drive business growth and achieve the set goals for operations throughout the year 2024, reaffirming its position as a fried chicken brand that caters to consumers of all ages, at all stages of life, and on all occasions, Nakarintr concluded.

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