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Burger King debuts “Black and Pink” two romantic signature burgers for this season of love

Burger King greets the festival of love this February with the launch of its latest “Black and Pink Burgers”, delicious duo featuring Black Double Grilled Onion Burger for the singles and Pink Salmon Burger for the lovers. The romantic duo will be available for all the couples and the singles to try its irresistible flavors at every Burger King branch starting from 2nd – 28th February.

  • Black Double Grilled Onion Burger two of Burger King’s succulent grilled patties with two melting cheese slices which come with special barbecue sauce and grilled onion served in naturally-colored black buns for only 149 baht
  • Pink Salmon Burger deep-fried salmon fillet with its crispy breaded texture topped with thick cheese and special rich sauce served in naturally-colored pink buns for only 89 baht

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