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Casio Premieres New Watch Collection Highlighting New Full Metal Octoganal Bezel

CASIO announced the latest additions to its G-SHOCK shock-resistant watches with three new GM-B2100 watches, with a full-metal design now adopted for iconic octagonal bezel of the 2100 line,

and the DW-5600GU-7 features past characters from Master of G. Moreover, the new ECB-2000 with race car suspension arm design was released from EDIFICE, motorsports-inspired watches.

Since the 2019 release of the GA-2100, a contemporary interpretation of the very first      G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C — the slim, simple, streamlined design of the 2100 line has proven popular, especially among younger consumers.

This new shock-resistant GM-B2100 watches employ stainless steel as the exterior material for the case, band, and bezel, pushing the 2100 line forward in both full-metal construction and sharp design. The bezel, put through meticulous processes — first forging, then cutting and polishing — are precisely crafted for an intricately shaped face that is eye-catchingly solid and stylish. To accentuate the beauty of the metal, the components are treated with different finishes — the bezel with a circular hairline finish on its top surface, the band with a vertical hairline finish, and the bezel bevel, buttons, and case back with a mirror finish. The dial is composed of multiple parts to create depth and dimension, while the inset dial ring at the 9 o’clock position and the index marks are treated with a vapor deposition finish for a watch face with a truly quality look.

The three new watches are the silver GM-B2100D with stainless steel gleam, the chic         GM-B2100BD with black ion plating, and the GM-B2100GD with bright rose gold, for versatility suited to every style and occasion.

The new watches also deliver practical utility with a Tough Solar charging system that eliminates the need to regularly replace the battery. They are also equipped with Smartphone Link* connectivity via Bluetooth® for accurate timekeeping and easy setting of alarms, countdown timer, world time and other functions from a smartphone app.

Moving on to another highlight with the new DW-5600GU-7, that features a black-and-white camouflage design, with 18 of the line’s iconic characters brought back to life through the watch design, including the iconic frog from the FROGMAN series, the mole from the MUDMAN series, as well as the RANGEMAN wild cat. These highly individual characters are laid out in a camouflage design with a basic monotone color scheme for a stylish, cool design.

Last but not least, is the release of the latest addition to the EDIFICE line of timepieces based on the brand concept of “Speed and Intelligence.” The three new ECB-2000 watches express a motorsports worldview with a unique case design inspired by suspension arm of a race car. For the first time in an EDIFICE watch, the case is made with lightweight, highly durable carbon fiber-reinforced resin which is often used in the motorsport’s scene. And on top of all that, Smartphone Link and Tough Solar functions support the precise timekeeping and smooth operation without battery change.

The new watch is available in three versions. The ECB-2000PB employs a soft urethane band for an extremely comfortable fit on the wrist, while the ECB-2000D and ECB-2000DC feature a sophisticated textural appeal with stainless-steel bands. The ECB-2000 embodies a motorsports worldview with a design that evokes the sharp image of a formula race car.

For more information about the new releases,

www.casio.com/th/watches/ or Facebook: Casio Watches Thailand

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