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Celebrate Mother’s Day at Topgolf!

Looking for a place to spend an incredible day during Mother’s Day weekend? Topgolf Megacity, Bangkok’s biggest sports and entertainment complex, is a great place for the whole family to spend the day at an all-in-one destination of play, food, and fun located right next to Megabangna shopping center. There really is something for everyone!


Topgolf Megacity features 102 golf hitting bays with cozy sofas and climate-controlled environment in each bay to provide the ultimate comfort for everyone in the family to relax and stay worry free of the heat or the rain, as well as attentive staff dedicated to create a friendly and delightful experience. No more long queuing at the same restaurant you always visit – let go of the busy malls and the packed car parks. Topgolf Megacity features five unique bars and restaurants concepts for you to choose from, serving a variety of cuisines that go beyond traditional mall dining, ensuring there’s something for everyone in the family. You can choose to eat and drink while you play fun games as food is delivered to each hitting bay, or enjoy the best all-day eatery at PATIO. There are plenty of choices to suit everyone so don’t hesitate to bring grandparents along and let them enjoy spending quality time with family during the special Mother’s Day weekend!

The best part of spending Mother’s Day weekend at Topgolf Megacity is that kids under 12 get to eat for free, truly a fun family getaway. The Young Players Menu offers kids’ favorite dishes such as Onigiri Gang, Topgolf Targets Pasta, and Chicken Kaarage.

Not to mention, the complex features microchipped golf balls, enhancing everyone’s enjoyment with 11 giant targets on the 205-yard outfield. Topgolf also offers The Puttyard, the best 18-hole minigolf course in Bangkok located on the first floor next to the entrance. You shouldn’t miss out on the classic Topgolf games including Angry Birds, Jewel Jam for anyone who wants to test their skills and luck. For those looking to improve their golfing skills, the Topgolf Academy offers great golf lessons in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you want to swing your golf clubs or just enjoy the vibe with families and friends, Topgolf has it all for you this Mother’s Day weekend!

Enjoying this Mother’s Day with Topgolf Megacity special promotions of 950++ for up to 6 people per bay per hour packages during the Mother’s Day weekend from 5pm-10pm. Weekday specials offer 550++ for up to 6 people per bay per hour packages from Monday to Thursday.[1]

Topgolf Megacity is all about entertainment, great food and drinks, a place for families and friends to hangout and fill the day with laughter and memories! So, put on your best outfit and enjoy Mother’s Day weekend with us at Topgolf Megacity!

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