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Ahsa Farmstay: Natural Living & Learning!

“Ahsa Farmstay” offers visitors an immersive experience where hands-on activities are prioritized. Here, you’ll be introduced to an authentic Northern Thai rural lifestyle centred around agriculture.

The brainchild of Im-Rasawan Kamwang, a seasoned figure from the tourism industry, specifically from “Rungruk Jan Co., Ltd”, this homestay transformed 40 acres (approximately 100 rai) of land in the Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai Province, into a thriving hub for learning and community-based tourism. The objective? To offer visitors an intimate experience with nature that feels like a cozy homestay, surrounded by a warm and welcoming family atmosphere. The name “Ahsa” embodies positivity in several languages. In the local dialect, it signifies “life”. In Thai, it denotes a person benefiting the public selflessly (like a volunteer), and it is also related to the Italian word “Casa”, meaning “home”.

Upon arrival at Ahsa Farmstay, guests are instantly welcomed into a big farm family, starkly contrasting to standard tourist experiences. This is not a typical hotel where staff members carry your luggage and your meals are a mere phone call away. Instead, at Ahsa, you get to witness each step leading to your favourite dish’s creation. Adopting the “From the farm to the table” concept allows you to develop empathy and understanding for the hardworking individuals who bring your meal to life.

Spanning over 100 rai, the farm emphasizes organic agriculture. It encompasses a myriad of crops such as rice, egg-laying chickens, buffalo, rubber plantations, various vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and fish ponds. A significant water reservoir ensures year-round farming, allowing two rice crops to be harvested annually, resulting in high-quality rice that fetches up to 100 Baht per kilogram.

Team members at Ahsa Farmstay don various hats, from gardeners, farmers, and guides to chefs. Dressed in traditional farmer’s attire, they symbolize their commitment to farming and offer visitors a chance to experience organic and integrated agricultural practices. Guests can acquaint themselves with the buffaloes, an animal that has played a significant role in the lives of farmers and the rice cultivation process for many years.

Summarily, Ahsa Farmstay offers a unique experience that transcends traditional tourism by involving visitors in each step of the agricultural process, from farm to table, providing a profound connection with nature and the local community.

The activities teach farmers to be Farmer dwellers to get a chance to work in rice harvest fields. Learn from the table.
The activities teach farmers to be Farmer dwellers to get a chance to work in rice harvest fields. Learn from the table.

Participation in farm activities helps urban dwellers disconnect from the fast-paced city life, where schedules and routines often bind them. However, residing amid nature at Ahsa Farmstay allows individuals to self-reflect and rekindle their survival instincts according to the natural way of life. Here, you don’t need to spend money as everything you need for survival is readily available on the farm. You can pick your own vegetables and fruits, learn to cook them, and even participate in a cooking class led by an experienced chef. Despite these activities appearing insignificant, they offer a profound learning experience about living in harmony with nature and understanding humanity’s essence.

Additionally, Ahsa Farmstay offers the chance to learn about farm dwellers’ simple and peaceful lives, devoid of advanced technologies. These dwellers wake up early to work with nature and live a healthier lifestyle due to their lack of competition with the city’s hustle.

Your package includes accommodation and learning from various farming activities, local farming activities like rice planting, carving rubber plantations and learning about exotic fruits and farm animals (buffaloes, geese, ducks). You can also enjoy cooking Northern Thai food, soap making, and crafting with flowers and leaves. “Stay Green, Feel Clean, and Relax” with local hospitality. Rates include three meals daily in the 2-day, 1-night package at Ahsa Farmstay, priced at 2,800 Baht per person. For more information, visit www.ahsafarmstay.com.




Written By:  Prakaidown Baengsuntia







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