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Central Retail reforms its food businesses under a unified “Tops” brand, inviting customers to embark on an Every Day Discovery

Central Retail announces a major reform for its food businesses, the biggest transformation in its 26-year history, using a One Brand strategy to unify its retail models to highlight its image as the #1 food retailer in Thailand. Under the brand “Tops”, which will be updated to be more modern, the new era will come with an updated brand image and a concept of “Every Day Discovery”.

It goes beyond being a supermarket to being a lifestyle hub that caters to changing lifestyle needs and brings inspiration to all, with a wide array of products. It also stands proud as the leader of imported products from the best sources in every season, from both local and international sources. This reform marks the start of the journey into a New Retail era, elevating shopping experience to offer more seamlessness.

Chakkit Chatupanyachotikul, Head of Marketing, Public Relations & CSV of Central Food Retail under Central Retail, said, “After serving consumers in Thailand for the past 26 years, it is time for a major reform of our food business. The code for this reform is 26.1.O, which means being the #1 leader who has stood by Thai consumers for 26 years as the trusted supermarket. Our food business brands will be unified as 1 brand under the brand ‘Tops’. The letter ‘O’ reaffirms our position as an Outstanding Omnichannel Food Retailer in Thailand. We are ready to embark on the third decade of modern retail and we will build a strong brand DNA for Tops to become a hub of all lifestyles for all generations, highlighting our proud position as the #1 food retailer in Thailand.”

The new ‘Tops’ brand comes with an updated logo which is more modern and unique. To make it more unique and outstanding, a new typeface is used to create a new character for Tops, in line with consumer behavior today. The logo reflects the brand’s modern and approachable character, accessible for all generations. The Tops brand DNA has four key aspects:

  • T – Trusted Companion: As a trusted companion, it is always ready to listen to every comment and places its customers at the core of the business. The excellence is further strengthened by the data from the loyalty platform to offer personalized products and services that fulfill every need.
  • O – Original Curator: It is an authentic expert when it comes to curating the best products from around the country and the world. It strives to always do better and seek the best experiences from around the world for its customers, presented in a room concept to make shopping more fun.
  • P – Pioneering Leader: As an ever-evolving food retail leader that constantly introduces new innovative formats to the market, Tops always seeks new products and innovation from around the world to offer a seamless shopping experience to its customers through the most complete omni-channel platforms and real-time Personal Shopper service that facilitates shopping just like coming to the store to shop.
  • S – Sustainability Enthusiast: As a brand that values people, community, and the environment, Tops strives to bridge the gap in our society by offering opportunities to farmers and SMEs nationwide and selling eco-friendly products so that our customers can have access to sustainable and organic products. Tops also cares about food sustainability and donates surplus food to those in need in various parts of the country. The goal is to achieve net zero for food waste, in line with Central Retail’s purpose to become the first Green & Sustainable Retail organization in Thailand.

This reform goes beyond a rebranding exercise and physical changes, but is a significant brand transformation that will strengthen the brand’s image and offer another level of experience beyond just a supermarket. It will create a strong brand image for the food business under
the brand Tops, which will now cover and reach consumers in every segment, addressing different lifestyles in a limitless and complete manner. The food retail business will be reformed through four retail models:

  1. Tops – Tops Market, Tops Daily and Tops Online join forces to combine their strength, unified as ‘Tops’, which is a fully equipped supermarket offering a wide range of products for everyone in the family.
  2. Tops Food Hall – Central Food Hall is rebranded as ‘Tops Food Hall’ with another level of food store experience, fully stocked with the best products from the best sources, both local and international, to offer an even better experience to all customers.
  3. Tops Fine Food and Tops CLUB – A new model, ‘Tops Fine Food’, was first introduced in Thailand, bringing a world-class food store closer to our customers’ homes to offer convenience. The best food and ingredients from the best brands around the world are brought together here, with many first and exclusive items. Catering to those who are passionate about cooking good food, Tops Fine Food is a place where they can find endless inspirations every day. ‘Tops CLUB’ is a new membership store model, the first in Southeast Asia. The store is extremely successful and has become the talk of the town overnight, transforming the retail industry in Thailand by being the first empire of imported products from exclusive brands all over the world, with new and trendy products on offer to fulfil every lifestyle needs. Customers can feel like shopping in a famous store overseas. The store is designed to cater to all lifestyles,
    all generations, and everyone in the family.

“Over the past 26 years of our supermarket business in Thailand, as the #1 leader of the market, Tops would like to thank all our customers for their trust and for visiting our stores nationwide. We are honored to offer the best products and services to our customers every day. Today, Tops has unified our retail models to become the most complete New Retail brand, and we want to invite our customers to come visit our stores in every model and enjoy discovering new experiences at Tops every day, true to our concept of Every Day Discovery,” said Chakkit.

#Tops #EveryDayDiscovery

For more details, visit www.tops.co.th, Facebook TopsThailand or LINE @TopsThailand.

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