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Central’s Dreamy Home & Appliances Makeover

Central Department Store of Central Retail, the number one shopping destination, moved forward delivering happiness to all home lovers by revamping the Home & Appliances department with updated displays at every location nationwide, while “CENTRAL ALL THE DREAMS” campaign aimed to serve home lovers’ needs to the fullest, offering ‘The Best Curation for Every Home’ and quality brands and ‘only@Central’ brands. The fresh updates of the department brought along all houseware, decors, and electrical appliances for every space in your home, from kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, living room, to nursery. Besides the fabulous array of items, superior services topped it all for décor lovers. The campaign runs for three months (August – October 2023), inspiring home lovers with exclusive activities and promotions. Click  https://mkt.central.co.th/AlltheDreams for updates.

CENTRAL ALL THE DREAMS“CENTRAL ALL THE DREAMS” campaign reinforced Central’s leadership as the shopping destination in the home décor departments with its strengths:

  1. Exclusive Brands and Assortments – only@Central brand and items along with house-brand products, namely WMF, Essteele, LEON, PIUMINO, YVES DELORME, and BOSS HOME, are available for every home dream without having to fly abroad at an affordable price.
  2. Excellent Quality – 400 world-class brands are selected, ensuring finest quality, for instance, ZWILLING, LE CREUSET, WMF, NORITAKE, GINORI, DYSON, NESPRESSO, etc.
  3. Exceptional Services – Customers can shop for home and appliances products through the stores’ omni- channels 24/7 via Central App, Central Chat & Shop, Call & Shop, TikTok Shop, Central Online (www.central.co.th) and Personal Shopper on Demand
  4. End-to-end Experience – Central is more than ready to serve all living demands and dreams, regardless of size – studio, condominium, townhomes, and detached houses, for all spaces including kitchen, dining area, bedroom, bathroom, nursery, and living room. Specialized services are also available.

With Central’s belief that “home” is an inspiring space for every household, the refreshed department of Home & Appliances brought itself forward as the home lovers’ shopping destination, filled with beloved items and services for customers’ selection for their own dream space and lifestyle. For the heart and soul of the house, kitchen and dining area, home cook of any style will appreciate the wide array of leading-brand kitchenware and appliances and the brand-new activity area, “Cooking Studio,” for every generation to join and create new menus together. Selected kitchenware and appliances for your kitchen and dining areas come in great design and high quality to deliver the greatest joy in the kitchen. Throughout the “CENTRAL ALL THE DREAMS” campaign, offerings include product highlights such as:

  • Enjoy cooking with stainless steel kitchenware from WMF, Central’s exclusive brand imported from Germany. Every piece is made of strong, durable, and safe materials –made for home cooks who want to fill their kitchen with long-lasting items with great design and elegance. Special promotion for 4-piece stainless steel kitchenware was available at 9,800 Baht from the regular price of 15,500 Baht.
  • Another German brand, ZWILLING, brought multi-purpose knife sets, chef knives, pots, and pans to the table, highlighting their strengths in firm grips and modern designs. ZWILLING’s offering includes Wok set with flipper (N65521300) made with 3-layer Duraslide Ultra technology which will eliminate any sticky problem in your kitchen and enhance the ease of cleaning and heat conduction, available at 2,696 Baht from 5,990 Baht.
  • Miffy fans will be wowed, because LE CREUSET, the French brand for premium colorful pots and pans that are worthy for any kitchen, introduced the special collection, featuring Miffy. The signature white Flower Cocotte featured beautiful Miffy prints, while boasting durability and safety. The pot is oven- and dishwasher- safe. Special 20% discount was available.
  • Blender is definitely a must-have item for anyone who loves to cook. Central’s Appliance department introduced TEFAL hot & cold high-speed blender (BL98S), equipped with TEFAL’s proprietary Powelix 6-blade steel that is not only sharp, but reduces the blending time by 30%. Various blending programs for different food and beverages make cooking as easy as within a few taps. With easy-to-use touch screen and silent blending, you will forget your old blenders. Available at 11,900 Baht from the regular 16,900 Baht.
  • Unmissable items on the dining table will make every meal a perfection. Central Department Store has every item for every family and dinner party, from ROYAL PORCELAIN’s ceramic tableware, whose unique qualities include: luxurious smooth texture, light weight, high durability, and non-absorbent materials. 20% discount is available throughout the campaign.
  • Complete your beautiful night with premium wine and champagne glasses from SCHOTT ZWIESEL, crystal glasses from Italy. Fulfill your special moment with the most exclusive discount of up to 30%.

Throughout the CENTRAL ALL THE DREAMS campaign, Central also completes every home lovers’ dream with special activities at Home & Appliances from August to October 2023, such as:

  • Tour to Inspire (17 August 2023) – Central invited Prom Teepakorn Kwanboon to inspire home lovers with the newly renovated Home & Appliances department at Central Ladprao and indulge in delicious meals, which famed chef used Tefal appliances to create. Chef Bush Lerchan Goh-air also taught special Central customers, including Brian Chin, Weeraphol Raksala, Miki Ingamon Jamikorn, Pipo Preeyanuch Pramoolki, to learn how to set the table creatively. The event guaranteed home lovers packing home endless inspirations. The live event can be viewed on Central Department Store’s Facebook Fanpage: https://mkt.central.co.th/LiveAlltheDreams
  • Cook & Taste workshop (today – 14 September 2023) – Watch the cooking demonstration from leading brands on Friday – Saturday – Sunday at Central Ladprao, Chidlom, Bangna, Pinklao, CENTRAL @ centralwOrld, Rama 2, Rama 3, WestGate, EastVille, Chaengwattana, Pattaya Beach, Hadyai, Phuket, and CentralFestival Chiangmai.
  • DIY Stamped Apron – Inviting all customers to DIY and design their own aprons at Central Ladprao and Chidlom (on 18-20 August 2023), Central Ladprao and CENTRAL @ centralwOrld (25-27 August 2023), Central Bangna, Pinklao, and Chidlom (1-3 September 2023), and Central Bangna, Pinklao, CENTRAL @ centralwOrld (8-10 September 2023).

Chef Bush Lerchan Goh-air

Chef Bush Lerchan Goh-air said, “All The Dreams’ home is the home that can fulfill our dreams and never stops us from dreaming. Kitchen is my favorite corner of my house. Today, there were plenty of kitchen decorations from Central All The Dreams event, because each and every beautiful item can be arranged in my kitchen and dining table. I feel like I can bring the summery Mediterranean style to my dining table. The must-have items are definitely Le Creuset pots and pans, which I regularly use at home because of its great quality.”

Miki Ingamon Jamikorn

Miki Ingamon Jamikorn  added, “My dream kitchen and dining table is a great open space filled with colors, where my family and friends dine together. Today, I am very glad to have found many inspirations from Central All The Dreams, because I have been seeking new ideas for my kitchen decorations to bring in spring-summer coziness with a hint of DIY products to the table. Some items I will pick up are: cool ceramic plates and Zwilling wooden cutting board because it is concise and easy to use. Most importantly, it dries very quickly – definitely a must-have for every question.”

Pipo Preeyanuch Pramoolki

Pipo Preeyanuch Pramoolki said about the table decoration at Central All The Dreams that, “I love decorating my dinner table, but never really took it seriously. Today’s workshop was really fun and inspiring. Personally, the bohemian style resonated with me. Wood accent and wooden kitchenware bring warmth to the table. They are beautiful, minimal, and totally usable.”

 Prom Teepakorn Kwanboon

From the same event, Prom Teepakorn Kwanboon the teenage superstar, talked about the refreshed Home & Appliances department at Central that, “I was very fascinated by the new look, with ample beautiful space. Today, we did a tour and we found plenty of great pieces for kitchen and dining table, including kitchenware and home appliances.  During the workshop, we also had an opportunity to cook with professional chef. This is totally my cooking dream and now I’m heading home to cook a good meal.”

Additionally, special promotions throughout the Central All The Dreams campaign, running between 1 – 31 August 2023, include:

  • Scan the QR code to play a mobile game for up to 20% discount
  • Redeem your points for additional discount and cashbacks of up to 30% from The 1 and participating credit cards
  • Receive a digital coupon or cash coupon of up to 4,000 Baht (conditions applied)
  • Get an additional 15% discount when redeeming The 1 points of the same amount as the purchase price.
  • Take 500-Baht Central Voucher when there is a 0% 10-month installment for 15,000-Baht purchase.
  • MasterCard customers will receive 1,000-Baht Central gift card, with a purchase of at least 20,000 Baht per receipt (1 receipt per person, 500 gift cards are available throughout the campaign)
  • 8 – 31 August 2023 – receive a 10% discount coupon for Central Online with a purchase of 3,000 Baht per receipt (10% discount for a purchase of at least 3,000 Baht online with a maximum of 500-Baht discount/receipt.)

Receive updates on exclusive promotions and activities from “CENTRAL ALL THE DREAMS” campaign throughout August – October 2023 at Home & Appliances of Central Department Store. Shop conveniently via the platform of your choice – Central App, website (www.central.co.th), Central Call & Shop, Chat & Shop at @Centralofficial LINE Account, Facebook (www.facebook.com/CentralDepartmentStore), Personal Shopper on Demand via 1425 press 3, and TikTok Shop: Central Department Store.

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