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Chiva-Som’s latest treatment: Vibration Body Massage for intense pain relief

Thailand’s renowned and pioneering destination health resort – Chiva-Som – has just introduced its latest treatment: a Vibration Body Massage to relieve intense pain and help relaxation of the muscles or fascia.

Priced at THB 5,000 ++ (AUD $240) for the 50-minute massage and THB 6,500++ (AUD $315) for the 80-minute massage, this new treatment uses a bamboo vibration machine operating on two different cycles (constant mode and burst mode) during each session to release fascia tension, promote blood circulation and realign natural body tension.

This soothing body therapy is designed to improve muscular performance, relieve muscle soreness and improve posture, and is highly recommended for guests who feel tightness in their muscles or fascia. Guests can book the Vibration Body Massage in consultation with their personal advisor or physiotherapist at Chiva-Som.

Apart from its latest Vibration Body Massage, some of the other therapies offered at Chiva-Som include –

  • CHIVA-SOM SIGNATURE MASSAGE – 50 minutes –This classic massage enhances wellbeing through techniques that increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow. This specially tailored approach is centred on improving muscle tone, skin texture and total relaxation. Guests have a choice of oil from three Chiva-Som Signature blends, designed to suit the mind and body.
  • FIVE ELEMENTS MASSAGE – 75 minutes – Chiva-Som’s geothermal massage combines the five elements, earth, fire, wood, air and water together to create the perfect balance. Hot volcanic and cool marble stones are strategically placed on the body’s meridian points. Restorative essential oil blends are massaged into muscles, with the stones helping in relaxation and easing tension. Guests emerge recharged and rejuvenated from this experience.
  • ABHYANGA – 70 minutes – From the traditional Indian Ayurvedic concept, this detoxifying treatment uses warm medicated herbal oil to release toxins, stimulate circulation and relieve stress and tension. The gentle flowing massage is then followed by a 10-minute session in a personal steam cubicle to eliminate toxins and impurities.
  • SHIRODHARA – 50 minutes – Shirodhara is the pouring of warm medicated oil on the third eye point of the forehead. Through light pressure, it removes blockages and helps to alleviate problems such as sinusitis, migraine, headache, insomnia, sore eyes and stress. Guests are encouraged to sleep and rest after the treatment to feel even more refreshed and relaxed. 

Chiva-Som’s treatments provide deep relaxation for the mind and body, bringing a raft of health benefits, weight loss and stress reduction through the finest traditional and modern methods. As a dedicated health resort, Chiva-Som combines world-class health facilities, treatments and services with the best of traditional Thai hospitality.

Once guests arrive at the resort, an appointment is made with their personal health and wellness advisor to provide a completely personalised experience. Chiva-Som’s advisors are qualified health specialists who are fully trained to identify the right treatments and activities best suited to each individual guest.

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