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Coffee Club 2023: Goals Met & New Café Status!

The Coffee Club proudly presents its comprehensive business review for 2023, showcasing the successful realisation of its objectives. Through meticulous strategy implementation, the brand has witnessed remarkable growth. Key initiatives include the continuous innovation of menus to meet evolving consumer demands, strategic expansion into prime business and tourist areas to attract new clientele while nurturing existing relationships, and the establishment of its ‘Neighborhood Café’ persona in 2024. With the introduction of delectable ‘Summer Faves’ menus, coupled with exclusive promotions and perks for both new and loyal patrons, The Coffee Club aims to capture the hearts of Thai and international consumers alike, offering an unparalleled experience for every occasion.

Mrs. Nongchanok Stananonth, General Manager of The Coffee Club; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Pcl., expressed satisfaction with the brand’s performance in 2023, achieving a 32% growth compared to the previous year. This success stems from diverse marketing strategies, including the introduction of popular new menu items like the ‘Thai Milk Tea Frappé,’ a new product developed by Thai insiders who are increasingly consuming Thai-styled milk tea. From last year up until now, The Coffee Club has expanded 5 new branches in Bangkok’s bustling business districts and popular tourist provinces, including Boat Lagoon, Old town, Park Silom and Staybridge Thonglor, while the latest branch at the PARQ was opened in 2024, bringing the total nationwide count to over 40, with 39 branches in Thailand and 1 branch overseas. Environmental sustainability remains a top priority. This also includes efforts to operate the business with a focus on environmental sustainability, such as adopting eco-friendly packaging for hot beverage paper cups and bio cups made from easily biodegradable natural materials for cold beverages, as well as giving importance to animal welfare through the use of cage-free eggs, obtained from hens raised in clean, safe, and stress-free environments to provide nutritious eggs for menu items, among others.

Looking ahead to 2024, The Coffee Club aims to solidify its ‘Neighborhood Café’ status by introducing fresh, diverse menu options to cater to varied customer preferences, especially during hot weather periods like Songkran. The Summer Faves menu boasts tantalising offerings such as the Fish & Double Chips – large pieces of deep-fried pollock served with potato and sweet potato chips, accompanied by tartar sauce or tomato sauce; Avocado & Prawn Salad – a salad packed with various nutritious vegetables such as oak, radish, cherry tomato, cucumber, wakame, and avocado, dressed with a perfect amount of wasabi vinaigrette; and Overload Prawns Croissant – a crispy, delicious croissant filled with plenty of prawns, topped with mustard-infused mayonnaise sauce squeezed with extra lime for a perfect taste, promising a culinary delight for patrons. In terms of drinks to welcome the summer season, which includes the Songkran festival, there are mocktail Mojito Crush Frappé – a drink inspired by the popular Mojito cocktail; and Pavlova Frappé – a drink inspired by the Australia’s favourite dessert, combining meringue, mango, passion fruit, and vanilla for a delicious and refreshing taste at the same time.

In tandem with menu enhancements, The Coffee Club also plans to expand its reach into potential locations that are easily accessible to consumers, both in the business districts of Bangkok and tourist provinces, to attract new customers, with a focus on increasing the number of Thai customers, especially the youth, working-age demographic, and families, while continuing to serve international customers as before.

The Coffee Club’s loyalty programme offers an array of benefits tailored to cater to every member’s preference. For Gold, Silver, or standard Members, exclusive perks await on The Coffee Club Thailand app. Members can relish complimentary beverages with specified menu orders, take advantage of double point multiplier promotions during select periods, and enjoy special privileges to sample new menu additions. Additionally, the Coffee Subscription system provides convenient access to a variety of beverages at special package prices, accompanied by the opportunity to accumulate points for redeeming free food, beverages, or exclusive products. For instance, with the latest benefit, members can redeem a free tumbler with 200 points via THE COFFEE CLUB Thailand application. These initiatives underscore the commitment to delivering unparalleled value to cherished members. Notably, the loyalty programme saw a surge in membership by 170,000 over the past year, with projections aiming for a membership base of 250,000 by 2024.

“Through these strategic endeavours, The Coffee Club is confident that it will drive business growth as planned. In addition, The Coffee Club remains committed to continually developing new menus and services to meet consumer needs and focusing on conducting business while considering the environment as an important part of the world. This aims to reinforce the status of ‘Neighborhood Café’ for both Thai and international customers, allowing everyone to experience good moments every day, every occasion,” Nongchanok concluded.

For additional information, please feel free to get in touch with The Coffee Club’s Public Relations Department at 02-365-6999, or visit the Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/thecoffeeclubthailand, and website at https://thecoffeeclub.co.th.

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