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DOTA 2: Thailand Announces ESL One 2020

ESL announced ESL one Thailand, an upcoming event for Dota 2 esports. The esports company has partnered with the ministry of tourism and sports of Thailand for the online game. This game is popular online, and it’s one of Betway’s top esports offerings.

The competition features a two hundred thousand prize pool split between two region tournaments. One division will be for the Americas and the other one for Asia. The American division will receive sixty-five thousand dollars, while the Asian division will receive one hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars.

According to Ulrich Schulze, senior VP product at ESL, they are excited to bring some of the world’s best DOTA 2 players together for the online competition. He said that the online tournament would pave the way for the live event in Thailand and help shape the game’s future. Through the online platform, they will be able to unite players and fans throughout the world through these challenging times. In his address, he said that the dota 2 is proud to collaborate with the ministry of tourism and sports, and the sports authority of Thailand. That will provide the local Thai players a chance to compete against some of Asia’s best professional Dota 2 teams.

In the past years, the sport has been expanding its market share in Southeast Asia. The game has also reached far and wide around the world, even at online wagering sites like Betway88, where there’s a solid array of esports games. Even better, its previous effort in Asia was a success in terms of tourism and the local economy. That means that the ministry of tourism and sports and the sports ministry at large were keen to get involved.

The event will run for a month starting from 8th august to 30th august for the America division and 20th august to 6th September for the Asian division. For the Asian team, there will be twelve spots, which will consist of two Thailand teams, eight invited teams, and two open qualifier teams. The America division will consist of six invited teams and two open qualifiers.

ESL One Thailand 2020

Each regional tournament features a standard competition format with only minor adjustments like procedures, spots, and matches. Every team is guaranteed a split of the prize pool for their regional tournament.


In group stages, the group of six teams will compete in the round-robin. The top two teams will proceed to the playoffs, while the third and fourth teams in both groups will advance to lower bracket playoffs. The bottom two teams will be eliminated while each match up will be the best of three.

In playoffs, there will be double elimination brackets consisting of eight teams playing both I upper and lower brackets. All matches will perform the best of three apart for the grand final, which will be the best of five games.


For the group stages in American division, one group of eight teams will compete in the round-robin format. The first four teams will meet in the playoffs, while the bottom teams get eliminated. Every bout will feature the best of three formats, just like the Asian format.

During the playoffs, the teams will battle each other in a double-elimination bracket, where the matches will also use the best of the three concept. However, that’s with the exemption of the grand finale, which will be the best of five.

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