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Enhancing Interiors Around the World: Jim Thompson’s Autumn Odyssey of Textiles

Jim Thompson readies its canvas for a new season by drawing upon its rich tapestry of design heritage, with an inspiring mix of classic and modern design across its newest fabrics and wallcoverings. Melding the unique design philosophies of Jim Thompson, No.9 Thompson, and Fox Linton, this year’s collections promise an immersive journey through time, continents, and tales untold.

At the heart of Jim Thompson’s forthcoming collection is Susan North, the Senior Design Director for Home Furnishings. North’s design language is a testament to her adeptness in blending traditional weaving and printing techniques with a contemporary palette of vibrant patterns and colours. Over the years, her vision has culminated in a range of iconic designs that stand as timeless classics in the world of interior design. Complementing this ethos, No.9 Thompson flourishes under the artistry of Design Director Richard Smith. Smith, renowned for his intricate sketches and paintings, often finds inspiration for his painted designs in traditional textiles. His penchant for the rich cultural imprints of exotic textiles are coupled with a fresh approach to their interpretation and colours, seamlessly aligning with the spirited core of the No. 9 Thompson brand.

The JIM THOMPSON autumn offerings include printed and woven textiles as well as textured wallcoverings, all in the three collections:  ‘Zanzibar’, ‘Lyric’ and ‘Embellished’ .
Inspired by the Spice Island of the same name, where African, Arab, and European influences converge, ‘Zanzibar’ is a tribute to the confluence of cultures, showcasing a rich mix of velvets, linens, and exotic patterns that speak of world travels and timeless tales.
With ‘Lyric’, the focus shifts to the essence of sustainable luxury, as interiors are reimagined using 100% recycled textiles that not only hold GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification, but also have a very natural and relaxed appearance. The Lyric range introduces two upholstery textiles that offer performance and a versatile colour palette that’s inspired by hand-dyed yarns and fibers. The supple hand, which is created through a washed and tumbled finish, has a soft, natural feel. Suited for both residential and commercial settings, these fabrics stand out not only for their sustainability but also for their durability and ease of care.
Jim Thompson’s ‘Embellished’ wallcovering collection combines intricately stitched embroidery with our signature sisal and abaca wallcoverings. Showcasing three globally-inspired designs, this collection adds luxurious texture to walls with its raised stitching and natural grounds. It draws from nature’s neutral tones, from muted silver grey and flax to deep charcoal and indigo, to create a striking balance of texture and light. Perfect for transforming entire rooms or creating striking accent walls, these embellished wallcoverings add a couture-like accent to walls and ceilings in both classic and modern settings.
Meanwhile, the NO.9 THOMPSON COLLECTION emerges as a highly spirited blend of design and creativity with ‘Bohemian Paradise’, ‘Bohemian Weaves’ and ‘Beach Hut and Rock Pool Outdoor Weaves’.

‘Bohemian Paradise’ paints an evocative picture of 1930’s Paris. Vibrant and full of life, this collection of dual-purpose patterned weaves is an inspiring and joyful combination of texture, design and colour, teeming with character and flair. While perfect for a maximalist ensemble when layered together, each fabric, named after renowned artists, performers, and socialites of that era, can easily stand alone as a statement.

Encapsulating the heart of Boho-chic with its tactile chic bouclé patterns, ‘Bohemian Weaves’ features three textured weaves inspired by iconic bohemians from the 1930s. Each piece is not only delightful to the touch, but also boasts outstanding durability.

Beach Hut and Rock Pool Outdoor Weaves’ introduces innovative indoor-outdoor textures that bolster the Number 9 Thompson brand’s legacy in high-performance fabrics. These seamlessly integrate and layer with our current range of indoor-outdoor textiles, expanding and enhancing the breadth of the existing range.

The FOX LINTON autumn collection continues its heritage of exquisitely and luxuriously woven textiles:‘Montacute’, ‘Arlington’, ‘Penberth’, ‘Pendine’, ‘Shipstal Stripe’, ‘Coswell’, and ‘Cogden’.

‘Montacute’ showcases the elegance of a classic herringbone pattern woven in wool with a more tailored finish, offered in colours  ranging from our neutral palette to more dramatic deep tones.

‘Arlington’ exemplifies opulence with its rich 100% kid mohair velvet – a timeless, elegant and durable fabric championing eco-sustainability and the finest natural yarns. Sourced from the first shearing, the fine mohair yarns are naturally fire-retardant and resistant to soil and stains, ensuring both beauty and longevity.

Fox Linton expands its Indoor / Outdoor collection this season with new patterned and textured weaves.

‘Penberth’ is a reliable staple, understated yet vital, pairing well with other fabrics with its subtle texture that adds character. In contrast, ‘Pendine’ is a lively geometric stripe that’s delightful to design with, offering six dynamic colorways, ranging from soothing greys to vibrant ocean hues. ‘Shipstal Stripe’ stands out as a modest textured stripe with four adaptable color variations, while ‘Coswell’, a multi-coloured weave, adds rich texture and a versatile seven-shade palette. Rounding off the collection, ‘Cogden’ harmoniously blends varied yarns, presenting a nuanced multi-coloured texture that beautifully layers with the existing Indoor / Outdoor collection, creating depth, colour, and durable softness.

In an era where design meets sustainability, Jim Thompson is setting a benchmark of excellence with its Autumn 2023 collection. This assemblage is more than just textiles and patterns; it’s a story told through threads, colours, and materials, capturing the essence of global heritage and sustainable luxury. Drawing from the legacies of our three brands – Jim Thompson, No.9 Thompson, and Fox Linton – the collections are a true collaboration of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. These collections are meant to inspire and lend beauty to a wide range of interior spaces. Join us this autumn season for a first-hand experience of this tapestry of design and innovation.

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