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“est Cola” rocks the soft drink market by partnering with Garena to introduce “est x FREE FIRE”

est Cola welcomes the summer season and aims to become the cola buddy for teens by entering the gamers’ market to energize the soft drink market in summer. Catching the current trend among modern consumers, est has partnered with Garena (Thailand) to offer exclusive items on “FREE FIRE”, which is a popular game in Thailand and other countries, ranked by App Annie as the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2020. In the “est x FREE FIRE” campaign, exclusive items are released to attract teenagers, with teen idol and avid gamer “Ice” Paris Intarakomalyasut as the presenter.

Mrs. Jesdakorn Ghosh, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Thai Drinks Co., Ltd, said, “est Cola reaffirms our position as the cola buddy for teens. We capture the trend of gaming, as teenagers today like to play games, and the gaming industry in Thailand and globally is growing rapidly. This summer, est will partner with gamer giant Garena (Thailand) to introduce a new campaign with ‘FREE FIRE’, the most downloaded mobile game in the world in 2020. The ‘est x FREE FIRE’ campaign will attract our target consumers, particularly teenagers who are digital native and interested in games. We believe that playing games helps improve skills and creativity. Under this campaign, we are offering exclusive est items which are not available elsewhere for est fans to enjoy. We will also introduce ‘Ice’ Paris Intarakomalyasut as our presenter, as he is a teen idol and a real gamer. He represents today’s consumers who are digital-savvy, fun and modern. We have prepared a series of marketing communications in 360 degrees, both online and offline, to generate sales during the summer season and strengthen our brand.” 

Mr.Varitnun Trairatanobhas, Director Game Operations, Garena Online (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “The partnership between FREE FIRE and est Cola, a popular brand among teenagers, reaffirms that games and e-sports are digital entertainment that caters to modern lifestyles, driving by a sense of community and experience. We connect online and offline engagement experiences seamlessly. FREE FIRE is confident that this summer, the ‘est x FREE FIRE’ campaign will offer an exclusive and exciting experience to young people, which include both est Cola fans and FREE FIRE players.” 

The “est x FREE FIRE” campaign offers exclusive items from est, such as est Black Katana Skin and est Hayato Wall Skin, as well as other cool items. In addition, limited edition Hayato and Moco packaging will be available for collecting.

 Join the “est x FREE FIRE” campaign simply by purchasing est Cola or est Play in any flavor or size and sending two 10-digit codes, one from each cap, to redeem a free item for FREE Fire. Submit the codes on http://est.freefire.in.th/ from March 1, 2021 to May 31, 2021. Get the latest updates from Garena Free Fire Thailand at Facebook Fanpage: Free Fire TH

Moreover, for est PLAY this year, it is launching a new trend for health-conscious youngsters with vitamin-packed soft drinks by launching the new innovative flavors which is “est PLAY plus Vitamin B6, B12”. The “est PLAY plus Vitamin B6, B12” is a carbonated drink plus vitamin B that help nourish the nervous system and the brain. Plus, the drinks contain less sugar and have won the ‘Healthier Choice’ stamp. Apart from the carbonated “est PLAY plus Vitamin B6, B12”, the “est PLAY Jelly Shake”  which is new carbonated drink mixed with Jelly plus Vitamin B and also makes things fun by getting the consumer to shake the botte at least 10 times to turn the drink into a jelly. Both drinks come in two popular flavours – “Grape Berry” and “Salty Lychee”. Adding to all the fun of these two drinks is the young, talented teenage idol presenter Achiraya “Ally” Nitibhon” which targets teenagers to reinforce the strength of est Play as a leading brand in the soft drink market.”

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