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Experience Tok Sen, the traditional Northern Thai ‘hammer’ massage – at Spa Cenvaree

At Spa Cenvaree, let the healing secrets of Northern Thailand come to you – right in the heart of Bangkok – with our unique spa “Tok Sen” spa package.

Tok Sen Massage is a special treatment technique that originates from the Chiang Mai region of northern Thailand. “Tok” comes from the sound of a hammer “Sen” refers to the Sen energy lines in the body.

Now, if the thought of somebody hammering away at your back, shoulders, legs and arms for a couple of hours seems a bit scary… don’t worry! Our therapists are professionally trained in this highly-invigorating form of massage. They use lightweight, traditional wooden sticks combined with aroma massage. The resulting vibration (used together with Thai herbal balls) stimulates the energy points, promote healing and full-body relaxation all muscle tissues.

You’ll experience a variety of massage techniques during the 2.5-hour session, including:

  • Tok Sen Massage
  • Aroma Body Massage
  • Thai herbal Compress
  • Indian Head Massage

If you love Thai massage – or just want to try something new and unusual in Bangkok (without having to head all the way up to Chiang Mai) – Tok Sen massage is for you!

Spa Cenvaree’s Tok Sen Massage Programs are priced at THB 3,669 per person and last for two-and-a-half hours (150 mins).

To book an appointment at Spa Cenvaree or to learn more about any of our ongoing promotions, please call 02100-1234 ext. 6511, 6516 or email: spacgcw@chr.co.th.

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