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Explore 4 Must-Visit Places in Bangkok This Songkran

With the Songkran festival, also known as Thai New Year, just around the corner, travelers are considering various options for their summer vacations. Some search for stunning beach destinations, while others crave adventurous journeys. Yet, there are those who yearn for tranquil travels, perhaps to seek blessings for their careers, finances, or love lives since the beginning of the year. The recent survey conducted by Booking.com* shows that there is a gradual rise of religious travel among Thai travelers who plan to take a leisure trip in 2024. In light of this trend, Booking.com would like to recommend sacred sites around Bangkok for those who wish to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with faith in spirit.

Ganesha Temple

The recommended place, which is considered as one of the most revered in the country, is The Shrine of Phra Phikanesuan – Ganesha temple – located in the Huai Kwang district. Ganesha, depicted as a half-man, half-elephant Hindu deity, is commonly worshiped as the god of intelligence, success, as well as the remover of obstacles. In addition to Ganesha god, other deities such as Rahu god, Trimurti god, and Shiva god with Uma devi goddess are also present in the same place, allowing travelers to make wishes for different purposes.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Those facing love challenges or seeking true love are advised to go to Wat Phra Sri Maha Uma Devi, also known as Wat Khaek and Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, situated on Silom road. This temple is renowned as a destination where people often visit to seek blessings for successful, smooth, and harmonious relationships. Additionally, travelers can pray for children, careers, and luck from other gods and goddesses situated in this divine Hindu temple too.

Lakshmi shrine

Another must-visit place, popular among both Thai locals and tourists, is the Phra Mae Lakshmi shrine located in the Gaysorn Village building, the heart of Bangkok. Travelers can pray not only for successful love and career, but also for the improvement of their financial prospects. Going to this place, people are recommended to bring pink lotus and wear pink items as offerings to enhance the auspiciousness of their lives.

The Tiger God shrine

Complete the farewells to the old year by visiting The Tiger God shrine that nestled near the Grand Palace or Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the place that is famous for its ability to ward off bad luck and bring prosperity to prayers, especially who are encountering the struggle of work, finance, or business. Furthermore, the Tiger God is also believed as a protective deity ensuring safety and well-being throughout the year.

To access those recommended sanctified places with the utmost convenience, Booking.com offers two alternative choices for travelers that suit their preferences, including the choice to relax before the journey and travel first and stay later.

For travelers who wish to relax before the journey, stay at Canalis Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel, located just a 10-minute drive away from the Suvarnabhumi Airport. The hotel allows guests to unwind at the common swimming pool, garden, and shared lounge. After a full relaxation, travelers can easily book a rental car and drive to the downtown conveniently.

For travelers who want to travel first and stay later, you can decompress from the buzz of the city after exploring those sacred places at ASAI Bangkok Sathorn. Situated on a quiet tree-lined street, it’s within walking distance from the BTS Station, hip cafes and restaurants, and plenty of local stores. The neighbourhood is also filled with art galleries and iconic bars, providing guests with the opportunity to take a calming rest following their preference.

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