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Fashion Extravaganza: A Summer’s Solstice

125 SATHORN, Sathorn’s newest luxury condominium project conveniently located on Sathorn Road, has collaborated with three renowned lifestyle fashion brands, namely PICHITA, TEEMA RUCKSAJIT, and MISIS, to present an exclusive fashion event entitled “A SUMMER’S SOLSTICE.” The presentation was curated by Araya “Art” Indra, Thailand’s leading influencer and fashion guru. Araya expertly combined pieces from three brands, defying traditional fashion norms and crafting unique day-to-night outfits tailored to the diverse lifestyles of young residents in the Sathorn area. This collaboration perfectly aligns with the design concept of 125 SATHORN, highlighting the distinctive lifestyles of urban dwellers.

PICHITA, the first brand showcased at the event, left an unforgettable impression on its exclusive guests. The exceptional collection features vibrant garments tailored for Summer in The City, with a focus on comfortable Silk or Silk Blend fabrics that exude luxurious comfort. These pieces are perfect for leisurely daytime walks or elegant nights out at restaurants in Bangkok. Ms. Tatim Rucksajit, representing the PICHITA brand, highlighted the unique combination of chicness and coolness in the items. “This collection includes hand-dyed silk ombre Kimonos, loose-fit silk waist-tied pants, velvet bikini sets that complement any outfit, as well as summer loafers, high-low tunic dresses, and maxi dresses that are ideal for summer nights. All these items offer endless possibilities for stylish combinations under our vision of Lifestyle City Glam,” explained Ms. Tatim.

The inspiring event was held at 125 SATHORN Sales Gallery. Ms. Tatim emphasized that 125 SATHORN is the ultimate destination for tastemakers seeking to immerse themselves in dynamic lifestyle hubs. “For individuals passionate about their lifestyles,” she explained, “the design of their living spaces, as well as their fashion choices, should seamlessly complement their unique style and daily activities.”

TEEMA RUCKSAJIT, led by the talented designer Teema Rucksajit, presented an impressive collection at A SUMMER’S SOLSTICE event. “Our silk garments feature color patterns that cater to the diverse lifestyles in the Sathorn area. Suitable for work, evening events, or even travel, these colorful designs reflect the abundance of lifestyle choices in this district, which includes office zones and a variety of social and entertainment venues,” explained Ms. Teema.

TEEMA RUCKSAJIT is renowned for its signature style characterized by colorful prints, exquisite designs, and comfortable fabrics. These pieces offer wearers a stylish and elegant appearance, perfectly aligning with the lively ambiance of Sathorn. According to Ms. Teema, the designer, “This collection is versatile for everyday wear. The animal and floral prints can be effortlessly paired with suits or jeans, adapting to a casual lifestyle, whether you’re relaxing at home or dining at a nice restaurant. The collection exudes a sense of simple, effortless chic, mirroring the design ethos of 125 SATHORN.”

Completing the A SUMMER’S SOLSTICE collection is the renowned jewelry brand MISIS, offering exquisite 18K gold-plated silver jewelry imported from Italy. Since its establishment in 1986, MISIS has adorned Hollywood celebrities and notable personalities, gaining popularity among Thai celebrities upon its introduction in Thailand over a decade ago.

importer of Italy’s MiSiS Brand, explained, “MISIS embodies the tagline “Live Your Nature.” This signifies that regardless of one’s style, MISIS offers jewelry that complements individuality. The collections are categorized into Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, featuring nature-inspired designs that correspond to each element. During the A SUMMER’S SOLSTICE event, Ms. Art guided us through the style matching process and carefully selected products from various elements, creating a harmonious blend. This presentation truly exemplifies the art of blending elements and elevating fashion to new heights.”

MISIS perfectly aligns with 125 SATHORN’s vision of accommodating the unique lifestyles of individuals, as we believe that you will always find something that matches your nature. “After exploring the show units at 125 SATHORN, I saw many options for decoration. Residing in 125 SATHORN doesn’t require you to solely embrace urban living. Here, privacy is cherished, and there are many recreational spaces and green areas. Both 125 SATHORN and MISIS offer versatile choices that cater to your personal style in every aspect. I am thrilled to have taken part in this event today,” added Dr. Thitiporn.

Araya “Art” Indra, a prominent fashion influencer in Thailand, expressed, “There are no right or wrong rules in fashion. I encourage everyone to explore various clothing and accessories, utilizing their own creative ideas. For today’s theme, ‘A Summer’s Solstice,’ I curated a collection incorporating products from three popular brands that are affordable, easily accessible, and well-recognized among Thais. The common feature among these brands is their offering of timeless and effortless pieces, perfectly suited to the diverse lifestyles of Sathorn residents. These outfits seamlessly transition from work to casual outings, social gatherings with friends, or even relaxed days, providing a cool and comfortable style that doesn’t compromise on looking fashionable. We can call this collection ‘Effortless Fashion,’ as it captures beauty and trendiness while meeting all your needs. This concept aligns with the essence of 125 Sathorn, situated in Bangkok’s prominent business and social district. Furthermore, the building’s design caters to the varied preferences and lifestyles of its residents, whether they are professionals, socialites, individuals seeking privacy, or those who enjoy group activities. You’ll certainly discover your dream home at 125 Sathorn.”

Among the esteemed guests at the A SUMMER’S SOLSTICE fashion event was Ms. Savita Sresthaporn, who enthusiastically shared, “I absolutely adore all the brands showcased today and couldn’t resist purchasing several pieces myself. When it comes to style, I usually gravitate towards effortlessness, much like the event itself. I believe the fashion scene in the Sathorn area emphasizes practicality, where one requires comfortable yet chic outfits for busy workdays. It seems that people have moved past the phase of sacrificing comfort for beauty. Today, I had the opportunity to explore the 125 SATHORN Sales Gallery, and I must say, I was impressed by its inviting and stylish design, as well as the well-organized functions in each room, perfectly catering to residents’ needs.”

125 Sathorn Sales Gallery, located at Level G, Kronos Office Building, welcomes visitors for private viewings. For all sales inquiries, please contact T:+6691-125-8558, Email: info@125sathorn.com, or visit the website www.125sathorn.com

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