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Ford Rocks Esan Market with Epic ‘Monkan Kaenkoon’ Campaign!

 Ford Thailand is launching a phenomenal campaign for next-gen Ford Ranger once again, driving series of activation including caravan of 30 units of Ford Ranger throughout 20 provinces in the northeastern region (Esan) under ‘Ford Ranger…Built Tough’ (ฟอร์ด เรนเจอร์…แกร่งพร้อมลุย) campaign. There will also be a theme song by ‘Monkan Kaenkoon,’ one of the best male country music artists in Thailand under the concept of ‘Live the Ranger Life’ to have a Ford Ranger as a companion in every moment of life. The song is also meant to be an inspiration for Esan people to be strong and ready to fight together through the latest songs ‘Prom Su Wai Kub Ai Boh’ (พร้อมสู้ไหวกับอ้ายบ่) or Fight Together. Ford will also host concerts in the Esan region for interested people to have fun experience with leading artists and next-gen Ford Ranger.

“Ford is the brand that always create next-level experience for the Thai automotive market. We understand music is an outstanding tool to connect to our target audiences. Thus, we create distinctive activations that combine Ford Ranger caravans and concerts together for our fans to have fun experiences with the famous artist like Monkan Kaenkoon, and get to know more about the Ford brand, said Saruth Ingkavat, marketing director, Ford Thailand.

The ‘Prom Su Wai Kub Ai Boh’ song was written by Kru Sala Khunnawut, music composer and national artist, and sung by Monkan Kaenkoon, the singer who has 13 songs with over 100 million views and has the highest ranking of viewer for 3 years straight on Youtube. ‘Prom Su Wai Kub Ai Boh’ song features the melody of luk thung and Mor Lam genres, packed with fun and uniqueness in Monkan’s style with lyric that encourages people to follow their dreams. The full music video will be released on May 27, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. on YouTube of ‘GMM Grammy Gold’ at https://youtu.be/USpRvPp2D0g.

Ford will host concerts by Monkan Kaenkoon in 4 major provinces in the northeastern region including Udonthani, Khonkaen, Nakornratchasima, and Ubonratchathani, and concerts by special artists from GMM Grammy Gold in another 3 provinces including Burirum, Surin, and Sakolnakorn. Ford will also have Ford Ranger caravan of 30 units Ford Ranger to travel all over 20 Esan provinces from May to June 2023*.

Those who are interested can check activity update on Ford Thailand’s Facebook page. Those who apply to participate in the caravan activity will be allowed to reserve a special seat, an exclusive meet & greet with Monkan Kaenkoon, and be a part of many fun activities like next-gen Ford Ranger test drives, and special offer; 0% interest rate, installment starting at only 4,499 baht, free down payment, special prices on accessories, the 5-year Ford Care+ for Ford families, etc.

Ford also engages another famous Morlam group, ‘Rabieb Wathasin’ to spread the content through the Tiktok Challenge for the ‘Fight Together’ song on Facebook and Tiktok. The event can be followed for the further update on #FordThailand #พร้อมสู้ไหวกับอ้ายบ่

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