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Game-Changing Educator: Dr. Scott Smith Revolutionizes Cambodian Learning with 2030 SDGs Initiative

2030sdgs_logoUpon Dr. Scott Smith’s anticipated arrival in Phnom Penh, his mission extended beyond the confines of personal baggage. The distinguished academic from Assumption University, Thailand, showcased a pioneering educational tool to enlighten students on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put forth by the United Nations.

This innovative instrument is the 2030 SDGs Game, an immersive card-based simulation that projects our world into the epoch of 2030. Its renown has captured the attention of corporate giants, esteemed government delegates, and sector pioneers.

The Australian International School Phnom Penh (AISPP) proudly became the Cambodian torchbearer for this experiential learning, rolling out the game to a rapt audience of over 120 middle and high school students. Ross Ferris, the school’s distinguished Secondary Principal, expressed, “By integrating this game, we’ve made leaps towards cultivating a globally attuned generation.”

As he is warmly referred to within academic circles, Dr. Smith elaborated on the game’s profound impact. “The engagement went beyond the play. Pupils delved deep into multifaceted global challenges, ranging from impoverishment to crucial climate mandates.”

Following AISPP, the torch was passed to Asian Hope International School. Ms. Charis Manatlao Genoguin, a key figure in the school’s educational lineup, recounted the event’s success, “The day was transformed by students’ enlightened understanding of our interconnected world. Their decisions today have ripple effects on these universal objectives.” She further extolled Dr. Smith’s expertise, emphasizing, “His adept guidance ensured the game’s seamless execution. The ensuing discussions were invaluable, aiding pupils in grasping the game’s profound consequences.”

A testimony to its impact, a student at Asian Hope, Mr. Sothean, shared, “The SDGs immersion was unparalleled. I am deeply privileged to have been part of it, and eagerly await the ripple effect it ignites globally.”

Beyond mere educational avenues, Dr. Smith delved into prospective partnerships, initiating dialogues with Paragon International School’s faculty on potential international educational exchanges and future game sessions.

In a rapidly evolving world landscape, Dr Smith’s endeavour underscores the pivotal role of education as a catalyst for worldwide advancement. A simple game has ignited profound global discourse, fostering genuine change across nations.

Yet, this marks only the dawn of this transformational epoch. Envision the sheer magnitude of change achievable when global minds converge, learn, and collaboratively address the world’s exigencies. For those driven to be integral to this global renaissance, Dr. Smith welcomes dialogue at scottsmith@au.edu. His pioneering steps, intertwined with Assumption University’s ethos, chart a roadmap for harnessing education as a vehicle for transcending boundaries and fostering a cohesive, sustainable tomorrow.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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